December Joy Challenge…

Okay, I hear everyone…would you all like a week extension? 

Would those of you who have completed your task (and I have seen some good ones!) mind if we extend the deadlin to next Thursday the 27th?


7 thoughts on “December Joy Challenge…

  1. I was thinking that might be good. It might be easier to find some joy on Christmas. Otherwise I was going to get my cat high on catnip tonight and try to squeak by with a shot of her gleefully rolling around in it!

  2. The 27th??!! Bah-humbug!

    Kidding. I think it’s OK to give the peeps a break…’tis the season to be extremely busy and all.

    Jenfera, can you please PLEASE wait to load Stella up on catnip until I’m there?? This I gotta see. Can we top her off with a little rum too?

  3. Stella would be happy to partake of catnip today and any other day!

    Shhhhh, don’t tell her, but I bought her a fresh stash for Christmas, plus some crinkly catnip mice, and…. CATNIP BUBBLE STUFF!!!

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