Take me to your leader…

What is it?

Does this help?

oh okay…then I am sure this will help.  It’s right near this little guy.


7 thoughts on “Take me to your leader…

  1. A girl after my own heart. Me love abstract photos.

    Hard to gauge the scale here. Were you close and this is something small or is this something grand like the ceiling of the Denver airport? It’s good because it keeps you wondering.

  2. Ummm … the inside of a Coors Light can? 🙂

    I’ve been to Denver only once, for a job interview years ago. The offer was sweet, but after I heard their annual snowfall average, I ran away screaming with my hands over my ears. Not really on the screaming and running, but deep inside, it’s what my insides were doing.

    Oh wait, I forget. I went back to Denver a year or two after that, when I was still a sportswriter and I covered the NFL playoffs. But I still don’t know what that photo is. Whatever it is, I likey.

  3. The Denver Art Museum is an art museum in Denver, Colorado located in Denver’s Civic Center. It is known for its collection of American Indian art, and has a comprehensive collection numbering more than 55,000 works from across the world.

    Do I get a prize?

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