You think we are ready for…Flickr?

Okay gang…here is the deal. I have fallen in love; in love with flickr that is. The crispness, the colors, the cool name…but best yet…the easy way to upload and copy images to websites. 

If everyone signs up for a Flickr account…then you can upload your photos to your free account. You can add context, comments, and make it public or private…THEN and here is the best part…just copy your image addresses.

When you right-click or control-click on an image on Flickr, you can copy the internet address for that picture; paste it in an email and then I can just write my post with your link (s).

IvoryHut researched this all for the November challenge…but I wasn’t ready to migrate until I fully kicked the tires on this baby…then when IvoryHut sent me her “Light in the sky” picture we tested the Flickr link system.


Even better…Flickr has a tool called “Flickr Uploadr”
For Windows
For Mac

Seriously, there isn’t anything easier to do/use!

So I would like to use Flickr for all Guest Shutters and Shutter Challenges moving forward. But before I throw the edict down…I want you all to test it out.I know Wed & Thursday I am traveling so, IvoryHut, old pal, techy guru that you are, would you be willing to wing with me on Tech Support? Everybody, let me know if you are willing to try this system out…if you are, then let’s test it. Post here if you have issues or questions about Flickr or using it. Cool?

Oh and for those curious…here is the SOOC of the above shot.

OOOH and check in to Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour for a very special announcement.

ETA: KD is getting it

Here’s Brc…

Jenfera testing…is this thing on?


18 thoughts on “You think we are ready for…Flickr?

  1. Hey! Been out Christmas shopping and just checking in now. Won’t have time to check it out today, but I’m easy—I’ll go with whatever Shrew wants! 🙂

  2. Okay…just took a quick peek at flickr. I had actually created an account about two months ago, and was fiddling with it then. (My cotton candy brain hadn’t remembered until I opened it up!)
    It’s crazy easy to use! For some reason, when I right click I don’t get that same pulldown menu. Would it be easier/just as easy to use that little “send to group” icon on top, and send it to the Shrew’s Daily Shutters Group? I already created a “set” and it looks like we could share full sets with each other.
    Will play with it more later…for now, I’m off to wrap and drink some loco hot cocoa!!!

  3. KD…I would like to post everyone’s photos here hosted through Flickr rather than sending everyong to a Flickr group page. Sorry, it is the marketer in me that believes we should keep the peeps on the page 😉

  4. I have a flickr account and was about to do the download of the mac uploader last night, but the disclaimer freaked me out. It said something about third party programers and that I was agreeing that by downloading the software that they would have access to my photos — even private ones. In any case, I was tired when I was reading, so I cancelled and will go back this evening. Kids had school cancelled today due to the ice storm, so I haven’t had one second to do anything for me.

    Back atcha later 😉

  5. I’ve used flickr before to give jenfera pics for her blog, and I didn’t have to download anything; I just went to the site and made an account. Unless things have changed, I don’t think you actually have to use the flickr uploader, brc.

    Still uninspired by the sky here. The gray was gone this morning but I still wasn’t enthusiastic over what I saw. I saw some nice color on my way to work this morning, but I was ready to try any of ivory’s acrobatics on the road!

  6. KD, if you are on a Windows machine, you can get the link two ways:

    1. Right-click on the image and hit “Copy image location.” The URL will then be in your copyboard, and all you have to do is go to your email message, hit “Paste” (or Ctl-V) and the URL will be there in all its glory.


    2. Right-click on the image and hit “Properties.” That will bring up a separate window, and the first line should read “Location” with an address. That’s the link address you want. Copy that URL (all the way to the end, but stop after the ‘.jpg’) and you can send that link to Shrew.

    Karma, you are correct. You do not have to use the Flickr uploader if you are uncomfortable with it. You can just use the basic upload feature.

  7. I’ve got a flickr account but haven’t used it in a while. Like brc, I’m concerned about hosting all of my photos on flickr if people can have access to all. Is there a way to ensure that doesn’t happen or should we only put those that we are ok with God and everybody seeing? I fear not for me, but some family members would be upset. And, I know that when others have provided links to flickr photos, you can see all of their folders, like “Aunt Millie’s 90th Birthday”. Perhaps they just didn’t have the folder set to private, but I’d like a little primer on that if someone **cough**Ivoryhut**cough** could provide it.

  8. Double D, need a cough drop there? 🙂

    Okay, quick primer on Flickr privacy. You can go to account privacy settings and there set the defaults for all your photo uploads. You can choose to allow only friends and/or family to see your pictures, or just you, or the entire world.

    You can also change the settings for individual pictures. For me, I have my default set to “public” and then I just set certain photos to “private” if I don’t want to broadcast it to Flickrdom.

    To change an individual photo’s privacy setting, click on the image (left-click) to bring up the page that features that photo. Now, scroll down and look to the right, near the bottom, after the tags and additional details. You’ll see a little green camera icon and to its right will read: “This photo is public. (edit)” Click on the word “edit” and you can change the settings for that particular photo.

    I tested it out, and even if a photo is tagged private, you can still send Shrew the link and it will display properly. And because Shrew is using the direct URL of the photo and not the standard Flickr link that takes you to the user’s photostream, you can be assured that no one will be able to see your folders just by surfing Shrew’s site. In fact, they won’t even be able to tell who the Flickr user is. Anyone going into the code of the blog will, at best, only be able to see the link for the photo and not the username, folder, set, etc. So there’s no need to fear that someone might “hack” into your account and view all your private photos.

    Hope that helps!

  9. I have a slight issue. I have a flickr account which I used to use for my blog, but I reached the limit of a free account, which I think is something like 200 photos.

    Shrew, the service that I am using now, Picasa, has the same sort of features. Could I send you those links instead? That is what I used for the post I did on Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour.

  10. Hooray! It’s working!

    If anyone is interested in Picasa and wants to know more about it, let me know. It is a service of Google, and they also have a nice desktop application for organizing and doing basic fixes on your photos. It came already installed on my laptop when I bought it.

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