Okay…Mini-challenge deadline EXTENDED to Friday

Hoooboy…Looks like we all had the same frustrations!  I got up early both days…and nuttin’ but gray icky sky.  IvoryHut if you say you had beautiful skies I am just going to cry. But I was very proud you all who sent stuff in! You guys are great…really.  Here are three people working it!

Jenfera’s Sunrise (SOOC)

Brc Cat Tail (SOOC)

Brc forgive me I couldn’t help but play 😉

And speaking of cats…Music Maven found a Kitteh in her Sky…

Don’t see it? Well, here is Photoshop to the rescue.

As I type this post, the ice falls outside, so I decided to give us all a shot at getting a shot at beautiful winter skies.

PS- How’s dem Joy shots coming?

14 thoughts on “Okay…Mini-challenge deadline EXTENDED to Friday

  1. Ha! Love the sky kitteh! And brightening up brc’s cattail looks just right.

    Thanks for the extension on the challenge. Still nothing but icky gray here.

    When’s the joy challenge due again? I keep forgetting and missing opportunities.

  2. Wow it brightened the cat tail a lot. Did you 7-step it?

    And I noticed today’s photos are not done through DivShare… did you get more WordPress space?

  3. Ahhh crafty eye oh “B” to the “R” maxed by the “C”…I am using Flickr…infact tomorrow I will be posting about Flickr more and how Flickr will play into our Shutter Challenges as well as Guest Shutters.

    But until then…I toss cloud yarn and sky kitteh.

  4. Wooh, sky kitteh rulz! Maybe I should send that to I Can Haz Cheezeburger? Love the cat tail, as well. And Jen, I lurve sunrises…my sky pictures are all in the late afternoon as I am lazy like dat and rarely see a winter sunrise. Particularly on the weekend.

  5. Well, dear brc, it’s not real fun to sweat profusely while putting up Xmas decorations and listening to Let it Snow, Let it Snow. I hate hot weather in the winter. I like it about 50. And windy.

    …..I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…..

  6. Ok MM. I do understand the desire not to sweat profusely while getting ready for Christmas. In fact, I don’t even mind the snow and the ice… for now. But once January 1st comes around I’ll take 50 and windy any day and twice on Sunday 🙂

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  7. MM you say you like it 50 like that’s cold or something! Southerners! 😉
    I remember years ago working as an evening receptionist in a veterinarian’s office. It was October and this girl with an accent comes in the door, slamming it shut behind her. She drawled,”Boy its cold out there!” I looked at her questioningly; this was what New Englanders would call a very pleasant fall evening – probably in the 50’s. She continued, “I’m from Florida and it is COLD out!” I shook my head. Felt like saying, you want cold honey? Try coming back in January.

  8. Checking in to confess that my sunrise picture is not truly SOOC. I tweaked the color just a wee bit in Elements.

    Love the Kitteh In The Sky.

    luv left a kitteh in the sky
    And 2 luv i rapzodeyes

  9. Elements is sitting in a box downstairs waiting to be wrapped with my name on it. Can I just tell you the self-control it is taking me to wait!! Do you think anyone will notice if I steam open the box and start playing now while everyone is away at work and school?? lol

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