Internet may be out…

I woke up this morning to a dead internet.  I am not sure where the issue is occurring.  I am hoping that I just burned out my AirPort Express and that the problem doesn’t reside in the Comcast standard issue router. If it is the Airport Express, I will be up and running tonight.  If the modem is burned out…it maybe a week before Comcast can get me a new one (I know…I am on my 3rd Comcast Router since 1999)…Here’s hoping it is AirPort Express.

Bad AirPort Express…all fixed now! YEAH!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Internet may be out…

  1. Well I have problems with Comcast on a regular basis. Fortunately I live near LOTS of people who have other ISPs and also have wireless, so they nicely (thought unknowingly) let me borrow their signal while I wait for Comcast to get their act together.

    Is that bad?

  2. Shrew, I had problems with my internet access too. Started last night, and when I woke up this morning and it was still out, I figured I had to work on it. Have you tried directly connecting to your cable modem and bypassing your router?

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