More from Bryant Park, NYC

Inside the Bryant Park Tree

ETA: for BRC

Skating is hard

I know, I know…sentimental hackney drivel, but I feel compelled to share the bad images with the ones I love as creative fair balance.


13 thoughts on “More from Bryant Park, NYC

  1. Oh Shrew. The tree photo is so beautiful with the background of blurred sparkles! And IMHO the lamppost is the perfect example of how this selective coloring technique should be used. Once again you’ve achieved a beautiful depth of field to blur the background.

    The little cutie pie at the skating rink is adorable. Did you try him in B&W with just an orange hat?

    I’m very proud of you for toting your camera along when you’re out and about with your client. Look at all the great photo ops you’ve encountered.

  2. I love the tree one too – very creative and different. And the view of the tree lot in the last post was pretty cool too.

    Skies are not being terribly cooperative here in Western MA this weekend for sky lights – unless you like gray and yucky. We are under a “winter weather advisory.”

  3. So, are you getting paid for this yet????
    If not, you should be. I-am-so-im-pressed! And that latest tree one is a stunner. I am so not worthy.

  4. Don’t know what the rest of you think, but I love the little dude in B&W with the orange hat. The brightness of the orange is so impactful in contrast with the B&W.

    And is it me or does the B&W let us see his breath in the cold better?

  5. Well…I took the fully color corrected version…and made a new layer. I converted the new layer to screen and applied a mask on it so that the file placed the origional image “on top”. I “painted” in the lighter version of the breath. I finally flattened the image and did my process to turn it black and white and “punched though” the orange hat.

    I was wondering if anyone was going to notice the breath was just tad bit more visable. I think it shifts the focus of the picture and changes the meaning of it ever so slightly.

    Which do you like better?

  6. I have no idea what you just said, but I like the B&W better. I think the bright stroke of orange makes me focus more on the boy and the breath makes it all seem more playful.

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