Again with the warm and fuzzy looks…

I was in NYC the last two days for work.  I got out only to find Granny with ‘tude hanging out by the Bryant Park Rink.


Why does the phrase, “Lighten up, Frances.” come to mind?


6 thoughts on “Again with the warm and fuzzy looks…

  1. I LOVE this shot. Simply love it. Great use of selective sharpening/blurring. I am looking at her jacket and thinking, “So that’s what they mean by ‘tack sharp'” This may be one of my top faves of your shots so far.

    Looking at photos like this is what makes me want to trade in my camera for a DSLR. Great work, Shrew!

  2. Great shot. I love it when a photo really captures the personality of a person. I have one question/suggestion… Is it possible in PS to tweak/tone down the brightness of the light that’s hitting your subject on her head?

  3. Unfortunately, I over exposed the shot slightly…I built in the recovery as much as possible, but there was detail loss on the side of her head. I would have loved it perfect, but it doesn’t ruin the look of the shot for me. It did influence my decision to make this a black & white shot.

  4. It doesn’t ruin it for me either, I was just curious. As this is a common lighting situation, what does a photographer do to avoid this if you can’t walk up to the subject to get a light reading?

  5. brc, if I had popped off a few different exposures it would have worked…but based on her expression I thought it was best not to. 😉 What I should have done was set the speed of film on Auto because we were walking in and out of so many different lighting situations, BUT I was with the client and didn’t want hold everyone up.

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