According to who?

Believe it or not, this was the look he gave me after I asked if it was okay I took his picture.ETA: IvoryHut…you mean like this? What does everyone else like? The color, b&w or both? And yes, IvoryHut I would avoid the “I am joyful to hit you with my stick” look. Great idea Texy!!! NAME the photo and you win $1,000,000.00 my deepest respect and the awe of fellow readers.

THANKS ALL for submitting names…seems B&W is the general consensus…and the totle that absolutly cracked me up was Music Maven’s “Edith Piaf, Pffft!”   I love the way it ties in the French and music ref.  I take the fuggudaboutit attitude seriously…seeing as I am from Joisey 😉


15 thoughts on “According to who?

  1. I love it! Would like to see what his face looked like before you asked. I actually think this is better than a fake smile It has more personality.

  2. That look is classic! I can almost imagine it in black and white with added noise, like film grain.

    I hope he didn’t try to chase you down and beat you with his accordion. 🙂

  3. Yes, Shrew. Exactly like that. Excellent! Looks like stock photo. I can already see it included in the Corbis or EyeWire or iStockPhoto galleries.

    So … I’m guessing this would be an example of what NOT to submit for the December “Expression of Joy” Shutter Challenge?

    Unless, of course, by “joy” you really mean “absolute irritation,” which is shorthand for “I’m so gonna beat the living daylights outta you if ya don’t git that stinkin’ camera off of me.”

  4. Ah, I see your point, Shrew. Me, I don’t read “warm” in the expression – I read “gritty.” Hence my mind immediately imagined it in black and white and all constrasty.

    Ooooh … name the photo. On a day when my brain isn’t working properly. Let me think …

  5. Shrewie, I won’t even ask if you tried the new Flickr thing, because I can already see how improved the photo quality is.

    Just remember to be careful to close your image link tag before typing the text, else you’ll keep getting those weird blue underlined words everywhere.

  6. This guy looks like he could have just walked off the set of the Sopranos! I won’t answer the color vs. B/W question because you probably already know my answer!

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