Brc I owe you comments, but in the mean time…

I offer one bird who is thankful he is not a turkey! Just a little something I whipped up on the plane.
I was really trying to just do a simple enhancement…slight sharpen on the boid…small color tweak…but really trying to be subtle here. Did it work?

Sorry for the delay…let’s just say the Lincolnshire Marriott’s wireless lacks muscle.

Oh and Brc…y’all have mighty purty sunrises here.


20 thoughts on “Brc I owe you comments, but in the mean time…

  1. I don’t have a picture in today’s post. Anyone else have this problem?
    I won’t be able to comment until later. Gotta take mini-brc downtown for some tests.

  2. I see the picture. Did you warm up the bird? (Ha ha ha – sounds like I am talking turkey again!) It looks nice. As I recall with the originals, the birds kind of blended in, tone-wise, with the water. This one stands out better, and looks like he is in a nice ray of sunshine.

  3. Oh, I get it now. Basted! Haha. First I read it, I thought you said “blasted.” Which, in my head, made perfect sense.

    I like this re-work the best so far, Shrew. As Jenfera mentioned, in the originals, the goose didn’t stand out much. You almost had to work a little harder to pick the little bird out. Now, pretty goose is much easier target practice.

    Mini-brc will be in my thoughts and prayers too.

  4. Hey I’m back. It took way less time than I thought. I have pictures in the post now!!! Before I had blue and white question marks??

    The colors of the duck photo are beautiful. Very soft and natural yet rich. And the sharpness is perfect. You can see the detail of the waves, but it’s not overdone.

    Yep this morning’s sunset was especially gorgeous. Your photo is beautiful (It looks like you are overlooking the lake at Lambs Farm??) I took a few shots myself this a.m. Usually I’m not up and moving at 6:15, but today I had to be.

    Thanks for all of your thoughts for mini-brc. She is a trooper with all these tests. Now she’s all excited that we got back early and she doesn’t have to go to school.

  5. I don’t know if something is up with my screen, but these pictures display very pixel-y here, to the point where the goose is rather square around the edge and the sunrise shot is somewhat blurred. From what I can see, the colors look nice and sharp.

  6. The post photos look pixelated here too. Shrew, remember Scott Kelby said something about how viewing at other than 12.5%, or 25, or 50 or 75 (or 100, of course) makes for jagged and pixelated images? Maybe that’s what’s happening here.

    What I typically do when I post on my blog is I usually save a smaller version for web posting (I use a max of 500 pixels wide). That way, you can post the full-sized photo with no need to resize on the page. Resizing also kind of blurs the image a bit, which is why typically when you downsize a photo, you end up needing to do an additional sharpening pass to make it look like it did before.

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