Have you orted lately?

Sherweld shared with us a link to apply this effect called Ortenizing, so I took a stab at it with an image I just hated before…

And here is the after,

Ooh and in B&W

And People!


ETA: Sherweld just sent me this beauty. 


8 thoughts on “Have you orted lately?

  1. I hear ya Jenfera…I am going back and forth on it…I wonder…sepia?

    I was driving to work this morning and I thought wow…playing with that ortenizing effect scrambled my brains cause everything looks ortenized…then I turned on the raido and they announced, much to my relief that it was foggy in NJ.

  2. Ha ha ha haaaaa! Yer cracking me up, shrewbie!

    I don’t know if sepia would be better or not. I think my issue is that the softness takes detail away, and in a b&w shot, there is already less something. It’s like the whole subject becomes too vague that way.

  3. Hmm … Jenfera, I had the same thought. I love the orton effect, but am thinking that perhaps in some shots, it could benefit from some sharpening afterwards.

    Or, Shrew, maybe selective sharpening? So that way you can keep some of the fogginess where it helps, and then sharpen just some other areas to make it look more realistic? Like maybe the lamp post and lightly on the tree trunks?

  4. Two cents worth ….. Ortonizing works well on some things, not on others, either mechanically or visually or both. Seems to be best where it’s hard to identify exactly what has been done, but the resulting “picture story” for lack of a better term, is enhanced.

    Also there are many possible variations in technique involving layers sharpening, merging down etc. Half the fun is exploring to find a worthy shot to begin experimenting with, and then the best combination(s) of steps to produce a winner. Along the way it becomes easier to pick and choose.(as well as learning what can be done with Photoshop [and getting more skilled at it]) (don’t I wish)

    Also Shrew, the earlier pic I modified of the “Halloween Sweetie”, everything but the face was “Ortonized” so selective sharpening is very possible, and does seem to add to the overall effect. In that pic (To my eye anyway), there were several distractions in color and texture around that beautiful face, and Ortonizing seemed like a workable experiment. As I recall the result, it was be pretty hard to tell exactly what had been done. The current popularity of the “Lensbaby” lens for overall effects is a good example of selective blurring.

    …… well, I guess that was three cents worth … ğŸ˜Ž

  5. All really great points…I love the experimentation and all the thoughtful responses. With the repetition last night and trying it here there and everywhere I feel like I am honing my eye…so appreciate everyone expressing open opinions on all of this stuff. I am literally gobsmacked at what you can do with Photoshop…so I must learn temperance when using it. 😉

    Oh and Sherweld…I have not forgotten about your Sweety pic…I know IvoryHut is doing one and I thought it would be cool to post three people’s expression of the same image.

  6. Okay…I printed out the color and B&W park pictures…(I so don’t want to deal with SDJ today) anyway…In defense of the B&W I think it does work in making light the primary subject not detail. However, the story book/Fairytale quality of the color version is just so magical looking that it is hard to beat. I would love to have a portait of a Nicole Kidman or Kate Blanchet done with this process with a selective sharpening on the eyes…hmmm…maybe I can play with a photo of my niece.

    Dang…SDJ meeting.

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