Our IvoryHut, made Scott Kelby’s Front Page today!



14 thoughts on “NEWS~

  1. Well what a nice way to start the week. With all of the followers Scott Kelby has, how is it possible that two of our gang have had the honor of mention on Scott’s site?

    Ivory I hope your cold is getting better ’cause you’re likely to get a lot of hits today. Way to go girl. Now the pressure is on for installments 2 thru 10 🙂

  2. I don’t know, brc. I truly don’t know. All I can say is that I blame it all on Shrew.

    First, she gets the 7-point System book and gets me all excited about it. Next thing you know, I’m ordering a book for a software I don’t even have yet. Then she asks me innocently, “What are you doing Nov 6th?” All of a sudden, I’m signing up for a seminar for a software I still don’t even have yet. Then I see that being a NAPP member has perks I can avail of immediately, so I do that too. Then I’m spending a day at the Javits Center learning about CS3, which I still didn’t have yet, all the while glad for the fact that I was with Shrew and that I didn’t have to go at it alone.

    Then, because I am floored by just how much I learned that day and how simple it can be, I decide that I want to write about it because it’s all part of #12 and #14 of my 43 Things I Want To Do (which are, respectively, write more and document my life better).

    Then I wake up this morning with a congested head and an email from Shrew telling me the news. Someone please pinch me. (Not too hard though. I bruise easily.)

  3. Way to go all of you! Your enthusiasm is catching.

    Ivoryhut … you mentioned everything but your dSLR (re)search, but then, a new camera obviously isn’t the end all. You certainly have shown once again that creativity trumps, regardless of how fancy your gear.

    Jenfera, thank you for noticing, the “leaf” effect can be found in this link Enjoy.

    brc, thank you again, I certainly will send some updates when I get further along in 7 points.

    and last, but certainly not least, shrew … for being what I’m guessing as the sparkplug for this enterprise, as well as providing this fine blog site!

    Congrats and best regards

  4. Yes, Sherweld. The world would indeed be a dull place without sparkplugs. Dull and bumpy and jerky and there will always be that annoying knocking noise as you go uphill.

    I am still shooting with my Canon S5, although Shrew will attest to the fact that I hardly ever wanted to power it up when I was around her Canon 40D. But now I am rethinking my rush to get a DSLR and am instead considering honing my skills first on this camera, which really isn’t all that shabby. Originally, I was convinced I would learn a lot more by shooting RAW. But now that I know I can use Camera RAW on JPG files, I’m more willing to wait. That, plus I may just be able to “hack” my S5 and force it to shoot raw.

    Maybe until the 5D becomes more affordable, I’ll be itching for a DSLR again.

  5. MM, the Canon S5 that I use is basically identical to your Canon S3. The only difference is a few extra pixels, which, because the sensor size is the same, means that my shots actually have more noise than yours.

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