Guest Shutter – Sherweld showing how it’s done

Today, Sherweld, who has a deeper understanding of Photoshop, design and photography than I do, sent along a few of his shots that he used Kelby’s 7 Point System. Sherweld…I hope you don’t mind me sharing these, but they are absolutely magical.

Sherweld wrote:

My copy just arrived, and I’m just starting to work through it. Looks as good as you say. Below are some shots worked over with some of the stuff I had picked up BSP (before 7 points)

The first pic is this afternoon out the back door looking East toward Seattle (see, it doesn’t always rain in Washington)

#2 This morning out the back door

#3 a Blue Heron last fall

#4 Dahlias (PS’d with the “Orton Effect”)

#5 Some leaves with another PS trick

#6 A scene I took in Western Mass. last fall (Ortonized)


These are amazing. And it is nice to see the 7Point System in hands of someone with such obvious advanced skills.

Thank you, Sherweld, for sharing these!


6 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Sherweld showing how it’s done

  1. These are stunning. Is this really the view out your back door? Whatever the “orton” effect is, I love it.

    Also… are these photos done using 7-point? Sherweld’s comment gives me the impression they were using techniques learned before reading 7-point. Sherweld can you clarify?

  2. You folks give me far too much credit, but thank you anyway.

    Yes, really out my back door, life is very sweet, and after I finished chapter one in 7 points, I am almost embarrassed I sent those, I think I can do much better.

    Yes, done before 7 point, and for whatever it’s worth I added a book review today, here which I hope will make it clear that it would be difficult for me to overstate the value of the book in learning what PS can do.

    Orton Effect; on the web it’s possible to find a ton of techniques for PS, the only trouble is deciding which ones to use where. Here’s a couple of links , . There’s other variations, just google. It doesn’t work well on everything, and can be overdone, but it’s fun to play with.

    Sherweld …. 8-))

  3. Um… embarrassed? These photos AS THEY ARE merit framing and displaying. And if you think you can make them even better with 7-point, will you share that when you try? Hard to imagine they could look any better.

    Thanks for the links.

  4. Me likey the Ortonizing! Thanks for sharing, Sherweld. I am partial to the Western Mass shot, of course. What was the PS trick on the leaves? It’s a nice shot, but I think the red is just a tad oversaturated. Or is that part of the effect?

  5. Okay, so not only am I green with envy over your photography skills, but I’m also green over your view! 🙂 So inviting!
    I must admit though, that the more skilled all of you become, the more I want to crawl into my private little hole of inexperience. Feeling WAY out of my league in such company!!
    However, instead of hiding, I will work on my skills. (Somehow I hear Napolean Dynamite’s tone of voice when I say “skills.”) *laugh*
    Beautiful! Thanks to all of you for daily inspiration. 🙂

  6. Sherweld, I too am suffering view-envy here. You have that vista right outside your back door? I’d probably never leave home for the first two, maybe three months. Seven, tops. Then I’d need some food.

    I really like the heron shot. Nice blend of photo and painting/art. But that Orton effect on the Western Mass shot is simply dreamy. I took some shots of the river nearby, and I can’t wait to try that on those photos.

    Just got my 7 Point System book yesterday (finally!) so I’m itching to play. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of cuts and scrapes, ’cause I’m impatient and clumsy, but I am also sure it’ll be loads of fun.

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