So…you know that thing IvoryHut did?

Well…I had to gather images of someone at work for a bridal shower invitation. I tried “testing” my camera on her. Low lights, moving target, and an impatient subject added up to not one perfect image…

Photoshop Seminar and Scott Kelby to the rescue!

This will make a great small gift…print, frame and set on the table.

THANK YOU NAPP and Scott Kelby!

Oh…I saw this tree this morning. Autumn was bursting forth and I just had to share it with all of you.

Keep an eye on Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour I have heard rumor that chapter two of our epic journey will appear sometime today.

Happy Friday.


3 thoughts on “So…you know that thing IvoryHut did?

  1. Ok… the poster is cute as can be. What a great gift. It’s amazing how a collection of photos works even though none of them is individually what you were looking for.

    And the fall colors in your photo are amazing. You captured them in just the right light and it brings them to life. It’s hard to capture the beauty of the leaves in a photo (I have been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of weeks).

    Nice job.

  2. Ooh .. very nice! I’m sure she’ll like it. I had low-res photos to work with (and some taken with a phone camera circa 2001, so you know it’s all of, what, maybe 1/100 of a megapixel?) but was amazed at how presentable the result was. I can imagine how much better yours will look with the clearer photos.

    Oh, and lovely tree! I am freezing this morning because I was outside in a shirt and pajama pants, taking pictures of this vase of flowers that I got yesterday. There wasn’t enough light in the living room, so after moving it around the house in vain, I decided morning light out on the porch would be my best best.

    I seriously need some gloves. Although, me with gloves, a pair of plaid pajama pants, a shirt and half-squatting awkwardly with a camera in front of a vase of flowers set on my porch floor is not exactly the great impression I’d like to make on my poor neighbors.

  3. The photocollage concept is neato-keano. I like yours too, ivory! All these coolio techniques you guys are already trying out! So cool. You’ll have to share a little of the process with us. Any idea if a lot of it can be done with just Elements? I am still struggling along with Elements, waiting for Kelby’s 6.0 book to come out in January.

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