A rose is a rose is a rose…or is it?

Taking inspiration from IvoryHut and Brc’s macro work, I shot some roses I picked up on sale from ShopRite today. Pulled out the Kelby bag-O-tricks to practice…and there you are.

Untouched 1

Touched 1

Untouched 2

Touched 2

Click on the following thumbnails to see the rest of the images

Untouched 3



Selective Color

Glow + Gradient

Omni-Soft light


I know, I know it’s blue…but I still think it looks pretty cool.


6 thoughts on “A rose is a rose is a rose…or is it?

  1. Hey… between the macro lens and the new mad photoshop skillz you is gonna be dangerous!

    The improvement between before and after on rose #1 is dramatic in detail and color. I don’t see as much change on rose #2, but I guess that’s the whole point. You want to enhance it but not make it look “photoshopped.”

    Now that blue rose is VERY cool.

  2. Excellent work, Shrew! I love the subtle change that brings out the best features of the rose. It’s almost like I can reach out and touch it. Now, is that 7-point or seminar workbook?

    Man oh man. And to think that’s just a macro filter you used. What was the total magnification?

    I think I am paying for my little impromptu foray onto the porch this morning. I was trying to get natural light to fall on this vase of flowers that I got yesterday, and was too excited to shoot that I forgot to dress appropriately. So there I was, t-shirt, cotton pajama pants, barefoot and no gloves, freezing in the cold breeze while taking as many photographs of my flowers as I could before frostbite set in.

    And now I am wondering why my chest is painful and my throat is sore. Tsk. Such a moron.

  3. My favorites: Untouched 1, Touched 1 (I know, I can’t decide), Untouched 2, Untouched 3, and Supersharp. And I kinda like Glow + gradient too.

    Note that I said “favorites.” Each one is beautiful, I just happen to like those a little more.

  4. Thanks Jenfera…I am really trying to learn constraint and make realistic changes. When brc said she just wasn’t sure what the changes were to one of the images I kneew I was starting to hone my skills more!

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