Still pretty blown out…

To break he afternoon hohums…Beau, my beagle, called and he asked that I post this most excellent K-9 public service announcement. 

Today's Comic

SDJ kept me really busy today and when I came home I was pretty beat. These early mornings are whooping my patooty.

But… here’s a before

And “Gone Hollywood”

Scott Kelby covered this “hot” photo technique, but it can also be found in his 7 Point System for Photoshop book.

I promise tomorrow night I will have more.

While you wait…head on over to Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour and read the first installement of our journey.

Nobody like the “hollywood” effect here huh?


6 thoughts on “Still pretty blown out…

  1. Sorry! Busy week. But I’ll weigh in on the “Hollywood” effect. I really don’t like it. Unlike black and white which offers interesting contrasts, this gives the skin an almost dead looking quality. And it does something creepy to the eyes. Ew.

  2. Girl for color photography chimes in again – SOOC shot is much more appealing here.

    I do love the comic though – that could explain a lot of things in this household if our golden retriever is whispering sweet nothings to us while we sleep. Lord knows we fall asleep on the couch often enough for her to do it.

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