Guest Shutter – Ivory Hut’s Gallery

Alrighty, today head on over to the Ivory Hut’s Gallery in Shrew’s Shutters Web Gallery. I have told Ivory Hut this a few times…but her photos are so good they make me ache.

I mean look…

How many of us see our Allergist’s office this way?


9 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Ivory Hut’s Gallery

  1. Hey everyone… there are two pages of Ivory’s photos. Don’t miss page 2. I almost did.

    Ivory these are beautiful. I love the mix of styles and subject matter. It really shows your versatility as a photographer. I’ve been so focused on macro shots lately that I haven’t been looking at the bigger picture around me. I’ll have to pay more attention.

    I really love the bus stop photo. It’s so colorful. And the farmhouse shots. And the before the storm. And your creativity with red, white and blue. And. And. And….

  2. Whoa! Y’all have been busy! I had better get shooting to catch up! My poor Nikon has been sitting right here (figuritively) collecting dust for days now. For shame for shame! Love all the shots. I’m beginning to see beauty everywhere I look. Heck, I even got some neato mosquito shots of my stove the last time I picked up my camera. Thanks to all of you for expanding my vision. (Okay, did I just say neato mosquito???????!!! I really need to spend some time with adults.)

  3. Hey all! Thanks for the kind words. A number of those shots were from that one time that I decided I would attempt to document my day in pictures. That was the day of the bus stop that I passed on the road (don’t worry, I was stopped at a light when I shot that), the mall sign, the bucket, the allergist’s office, and the storm clouds were taken from the parking lot of my neighborhood supermarket. Brc, I too was feeling like I was too engrossed in macro stuff that I wasn’t paying attention to trying to hone my skills on non-macro shots. But my greatest love, I feel, is still macro photography.

    Jenfera, yes I think my macro lens is awesome, but you wouldn’t know it from the price. It was less than $50.

    KD, good to hear from you! Just when I was starting to wonder where you went …

    My head is still swimming with stuff from the seminar. But it’s all good. 🙂

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