Sunrise Shoots or Distance ShutterGourmetDive Tour Event

BRC and I are nuts! We were both out capturing first mornings light. We didn’t plan it. Maybe next time we should.

Brc did an amazing job capturing the relationship between the frost and this leaf.

as well as the drama of this lady bug hanging onto this plant.
I can alost hear the lady bug, ala Bugs Bunny saying “Hey, who toin’d of da heat?”

I was just trying to capture the emerging light. I fully believe because BRC captured relationships, her photos are much better communicators…but true to the nature of this site, posting “mistakes” to learn from.

Here is St.Paul’s Church at dawn.

And this is the League’s Thrift Store a little bit later…

But the best part of getting up this early…splurging on a great cup of joe

That’s right, got me some macro filters! LOOK OUT.


5 thoughts on “Sunrise Shoots or Distance ShutterGourmetDive Tour Event

  1. I think it’s a great sign that we both got our respective butts out of bed to shoot this morning.

    Holy Cow! That cappuccino looks like it’s straight out of a magazine!!!! I can taste it from here. Can’t wait to see more macro shots from you.

    Now I’m not sure why you infer that your other shots are mistakes to learn from. They are a completely different type of photo. I actually think that silhouette of the spire of the church soaring into the amazing (almost watercolorlike) sky is very compelling. And the pinks and blues on the thrift store are so rich.

  2. Great shots both of you! Brc, you already know how much I like that leaf shot. And I will continue calling those ball-shaped thingies until someone please rescues me from my botanical ignorance and tells me what they are. Are they the centers of purple coneflowers? Black-eyed Susans? Allium? My lost lollipops from third grade?

    Shrew, I love love love how you captured the romance of sunrise. Those colors are amazing, and I love how you framed that store shot. Very compelling.

    Now, tell me about these macro filters. That coffee shot looks like something from stock photography! I think you just sealed me deal on me trading up to a DSLR.

  3. How cool that you both had the same idea! Brc, the leaf looks like it is sugar coated! I could eat it. Heh heh.

    And shrew, don’t sell yours short. I love the colors and the angles here.

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