Guest Shutter – BRC Macro, Shrew Manip

Brc sent me his “to die for” image…seriously…this is macro at it’s best.
There is such pow in the play of light and drama in the drop that may just roll off the leaf. This is everything you hope to find in a macro shot.

So I just wanted to see if I put it in photoshop what would happen. I didn’t want to take the image too far from where it already is…
Just corrected the color to compensate for digital sensor, added a slight gradient to focus on the drama drops and shrapened it ever so slightly.



16 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – BRC Macro, Shrew Manip

  1. Cool shot, brc. I like the deeper color shrew, but it does seem maybe a little too blue-green to me. I think I might like it better with just a little more yellow.

  2. Huh…maybe I have my monitor calibrated incorrectly. They look the same color just one is more saturated, no temperature shift to the cool side. I wonder…I have my monitor set for Adobe RGB…think that might be it.

  3. I’m on a kind of crappy monitor at work right now too, so I can’t really comment on the color, but I can say that the water drops really pop now.

  4. Just calibrated new monitor yesterday, pix show significant shift from a “normal” lettuce looking green to much deeper blue green. Nice shot though.

  5. It’s funny that I remember the leaf looking less pale than it looks in the SOOC shot. Somehow the camera doesn’t capture what the eye sees. I like the depth of color in the 7-point “after” picture, but don’t know if I like the way it darkens the background so much.

    I’m learning so much just by seeing the experiments that Shrew and Ivoryhut are doing. It’s a very tough balance as when you change one thing, it changes everything else as well.

    Stay with it Shrew! We’re all learning vicariously through you.

  6. Okay…I am looking at this on my much larger screen and I see what you all are talking about…I don’t see as much blue as everyone is talking about (my cones must be whacked out), but the photo is over saturated. Hmmmm…I will have to find a calibration for my home laptop that represents what most people see. I wonder if I printed this if it would show the color correctly or not. Quandry, quandry…anyone know how best to calibrate a mac monitor for most accurate diplay?

  7. I’m on an old-style picture tube type monitor and the manip’d one looks perfect… I see nothing but beautiful, deep, rich green… Great work Shrewsie

    I think that flat panel monitors can alter color perception as well depending on the quality of the monitor.

  8. I’m flat panel all the way – on my big monitor at work, as well as on my laptop (obviously) at home. (Picturing a laptop with a CRT monitor attached. Would be quite bulky.) Anywho, I think the colors on my laptop are spectacular. The flatscreen at work looks nice, but very, very dark. When I look at this site at work, Shrew’s head at the top is disappearing into the shadows.

    I still thought the manipulated photo looked a little funky on both. Maybe it is my rods and cones!

  9. I only just learned about profiling monitors yesterday, so I can’t say if my colors are right either. But I like how there feels like more drama in the processed shot. Perhaps a tad too saturated, but the difference, I think, is magnified by putting the before and after shots right next to each other for comparison. However, brc does say that the leaf as she remembers it is not quite as pale as the original shot, so there ya go.

    Only other thing I probably would have done here is some noise reduction.

    Brc, as a macro-loving girl myself, let me say how awesome that photo is. Shrew, great work. It’s simply inspiring to witness your daily progress. I want my book too!! Stupid mail!

  10. To respond to your calibration question, I think Mac has a built in calibration somewhere in system preferences. But that’s all I know. I’m a windows person and for calibration I use a colorvision spyder because the windows calibration system is pretty suspect.

    I certainly didn’t mean to be critical of your work in my earlier post. I think your work is great. I did check your pix on an older laptop (which has been calibrated as well as it can be)and I noted that there was almost no difference in hue and saturation between pix, and I must say, on that screen, I did slightly prefer the altered pic, although both pix are very nice.

    And last of all, I compared the pix on a CRT screen (a third computer, calibrated) and found that the difference between the two pix (mostly saturation but some color)was not quite as dramatic as the flat screen, but certainly more than the laptop.

    Hope this helps …. keep up the good work!

  11. Sherweld, thank you for the encouragement and clarifications. We all want to learn so much, and having new visitors such as yourself comment helps a great deal. It is funny I have the Macbook with the glossy screen and I am wondering if it is precalibrated for print which from what I read calls for over sharpening and saturation…I am still reading to learn more.

    Thank you all for checking multiple monitors to see what is going on colorwise! I promise we can only go up from here.

    OOOOh on a side note, Music Maven has posted an awesome Kelby Music Mix on for IvoryHut’s and my pilgramige into NYC to see Scott Kelby next Tuesday. It is most excellent!

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