Remember this guy?


Well…look at him now.

Plus…be sure to check out the Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour for an announcement of an upcoming satellite event. (link in the blogroll to the right there)


11 thoughts on “Remember this guy?

  1. Ooh, the water looks nicer this way! Hmm .. I am wondering if maybe this one will benefit from some cropping on the top? I think the panorama look might look interesting here. Then again, the view of the horizon does make a compelling view of just water as far as the eye can see.

    Don’t listen to me. I give myself headaches sometimes.

  2. Yeah I was wondering about the horizon last night…then I thought I am just doing the 7 Points to a SOOC shot. I am not sure whether to crop or not. Funny about your comment Jenfera…the color corrected image is the way I remember it. The SOOC shot always looked dingy to me. I talked to my camera shop guy about it and he kept saying that means I don’t know how to set exposure properly…but now that I have the 7 Point

  3. I really like the bluer color of the water. It’s very beautiful. However the change creates a very red tone to the skin of the Matthew McConnahey dude (I know I’m a pain in the ass).

    For what it’s worth, I like seeing the horizon.

  4. I’m wondering, did the change of color change what the day really looked like? My reason for taking photos, for the most part, is for memories. Jenfera can confirm for you that I am rather OCD when it comes to keeping photo albums. So if this was originally an overcast kind of day, the color change certainly changes the mood and feel of the picture. I think my opinion of the change would have to do with your intentions; if the intention was to remember the day as it was, the color change isn’t an improvement. If your intention was to show the wonderous abilities of your new software, then awesome job!

  5. Interesting point Karmardav…I happened to be reading David Hume on the way up and he talks about the main point of photography is to communicate our memory or recollection of an event, day or image. I can say with all certainty that this week was unusually clear and the water was almost a carribian blue for the Joisey shore. So when I color corrected the photo I said to my self “Self, that is what I remember feeling look at the water.” Now, oopaloompa there is not what I remember…he was more tan rather than George Hamilton in shade. So, if I had taken more time with his form (and believe you me as the single gal I wouldn’t have mnded taking more time with his form) I could have olor corrected his skin tone. I just didn’t get there. So while I understand the OCD of recording images as they were…my camera doesn’t do it accurately especially when it comes to color. So as a purist to the original live event, wouldn’t it be better to correct the image to the way I recollect?

    (By the way there is no right answer…it is all personal choice…and relys heavily on your intent with the photograph…See Kelby’s post about Photo Editing Ethics here

  6. Holy cow, Shrew. Talk about night and day. Har har. The first photo is definitely dingy, almost makes it look like it was overcast. The second really POPS!

  7. If that’s the way you remember the day, then I’d agree, the color change is the right thing. You want your vacation photos to be great memories.
    My “OCD”, by the way, is, uh, for photo albums. I will admit to you all that as soon as I get my prints into my hot little hands I must arrange them into my photo albums or it bothers me until I do. It may sound a bit insane, but I’ve been married for 15 years now and I have a photo album for virtually every one of those years.

  8. It’s true – Karmardav is totally OCD about her albums. It freaks her out to know that I often take pictures and post them online without printing them for months or even a year later. She even bought me one of the nice albums that she usually uses for my birthday! I do like the album – it has nice margins to write details in, and you can put the pictures in portrait or landscape style. My only issue is that I am apparently not very dextrous. The album is not 3-ring-binder style, and I keep accidentally skipping pages!

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