Mini Photo Essay for the Mass Crew – Red Sox Nation

Okay…so I had to fly up to Boston for market research today for the day job. The cabbie dropped me off about three blocks away from the building cause the street was closed for the Red Sox World Series Win Parade and…I broke my rule! I didn’t bring my camera. So I was frced to use my cellphone camera, but I believe Jenfera, Renae and Karmardav will forgive quality for the thought…at least I hope so.

This lovely bunch were yelling “Yankees Suck” Umm, didn’t y’all beat Colorado?

Here is the street sign where I needed to go…

Just outside of the building, let’s just say Red Sox Nation was building…the time was 11:30 AM

And I was tempted to blow off work and follow THIS GUY!

It is now 12:29 and the parade has started…I am on the top floor of this building trying to watch market research and all I can hear is the roar of Red Sox fans

Congrats to all Red Sox Fans everywhere.

Viva le Torre


3 thoughts on “Mini Photo Essay for the Mass Crew – Red Sox Nation

  1. Shrew, you are the best Yankees fan EVAH. True class act. And I am SOOOOO jealous that you are out in Beantown right now.

    As for the Yankees Suck types, well, they were probably drunk already and couldn’t help themselves. They are an embarassment.

    Thank you for thinking of us!!!

  2. “Yankees Suck” is a typical chant that seems to happen when Sox fans or other baseball fans get together. I remember watching a Red Sox/NY Mets game once and the “Yankees Suck” chant started up at Fenway; I’m assuming Mets fans hate the Yankees as much as Red Sox fans do.
    It was very cool of you to think of us Boston fans while you were there – I too am very jealous that I wasn’t in Boston this afternoon.

  3. “Umm, didn’t y’all beat Colorado?”
    LOL! I can just picture your face, Shrewbie Doo. It’s just what they do. They can’t help themselves. Drunk or not!

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