More from the Kelby 7-Point System, before and afters

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What is interesting for me, is I am finding through using Kelby’s system I am developing a better self critical eye. Photos I loved before in their SOOC form I now am recropping or even less in love with because when I try to place the light or drama into the photo…I continue to push and ask what is the main subject. What is the story being told here…etc.

So tell me, do you like the manipulated shots? Please keep in mind…I am only on Chapter 2…I still have 19 more chapters full of great slick tips and tricks to learn. But I would love to know…are these better? and why?


9 thoughts on “More from the Kelby 7-Point System, before and afters

  1. Alright you asked for our opinions, so here’s mine…

    On your dreadlock dude I like the cropping a lot. The background in the original wasn’t adding anything (though this was one of your shots that I always liked). But now that I see it without the fence and cars, the focus is more on him. I also think it lends itself nicely to a horizontal positioning with the lines of the bench and his arms. I also like that there is more detail in his face and hair.

    What I don’t like (and I’m not criticizing, I know you’re just figuring this thing out) is that it seems like there’s too much yellow. The green color of the grass and the bushes in the original seems more true. I also feel like the sharpness or the contrast might be too harsh. However this might have been what allowed more detail to come out in his face and hair?

    The French schoolgirls look amazing in the “after” shot. Their skin tones are delicious and much more vibrant than the original. The cropping is great and once again really focuses on what’s special about the subject. However I’m trying to decide if something is lost in the cropping as it’s not as clear that they’re on a playground. If I hadn’t seen the original I might think this was some sort of confrontation.

  2. Brc I agree with you about the over warm tones on the fellow “Just Sitting”…I will rework it when I get to a lesson with people in the photo 😉

    As for the girls…It is killing me…I can’t decide at all. I think they look overly warm as well…let alone over cropped…I need to learn more obviously.

  3. I LOVE the skintones on the girls in the after shot, but when you look at the blue hues of their shirts and their scarves, the after is much more subtle and the before much more vibrant. I think if I had to choose I prefer the beautiful skin to the more vibrant blue on their clothing.

    I know it’s probably really frustrating now, but if you stay with it, you’ll eventually be able to do it with little effort.

  4. Haha, Shrew get out of my head! 🙂

    I like the warmer tones because they kinda draw your eye more to the individual(s). But I’d like to see the next versions of these once you get to the part on portraits. Because I think these would look fantastic once you are able to bring back a vibrant green to the grass in the “Just Sitting” photo, and punch up the blue in the girls’ uniforms.

    I love the cropping on the dude. I like how you didn’t try to include his entire form and cropped ever so slightly the top of his head. It really makes it look like he fills up the entire frame. I am on the fence as to whether or not the girls are overcropped. Looking at the original another time, I am thinking there might be some additional interest added if you included the one girl’s painted fingernails.

    I love these topics! Not only do we learn more from each other about the photographs we take, but now we can also help each other fine tune our eye and determine what processing touches really bring out the full potential of the photo.

  5. I didn’t notice that the colors around the cropped dude were off until brc pointed it out, but she’s right. I do love the cropping though, and I like seeing more details in his face.

    I think with the girls, the cropping might be a little too much. I think cropping some of the top of the photo was a good idea, but not so much with the bottom and sides. It has more of a “slice of life” feel with more of the other girls around them.

  6. ivory – you said what I was thinking about the girls. I love the stance of the little girl with the painted nails in the original photo, and that was lost in the cropping. Color-loving girl that I am, I also prefer the jaunty original blue of the uniforms.

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