Okay…Kelby’s 7 Point System is Amazing!!!!

I have in my hot little hands Scott Kelby’s 7 Point System for Photoshop. I had a throw away moon shot from tonight that I was playing with…next thing I know 20 minutes of reading and clicking and I had this!


I was so excited I forgot to save out the before to show the wow of the after…so…I did it again with a few other shots…



Before – and I just want to say I love this shot as is…to me this is Paris in October.

7 Point – But this is how Paris in October made me feel.

I want to marry this system. And I cheated…I didn’t go through Kelby’s Lessons (which I will this weekend!) so I am not even maximizing what is in this book. If you have Adobe Photoshop…run don’t walk to PeachPit Press and BUY IT!!! *Mr. Kelby, please forgive my inept handy work here. I promise I will get better. I mean really, just 4 hours with the book and just LOOK at that Paris shot. Yeah, I know the Jack-o-Lantern shot could use more smoothing. Point taken, lesson learned.*

Okay, those office shots will be uploaded Friday Night. And the October “What is Scary?” Pictures…look for them this weekend. *insert scary laugh*

ETA: Someone Stop Me!


16 thoughts on “Okay…Kelby’s 7 Point System is Amazing!!!!

  1. Wow! Love, love, love the moon shot. I’m amazed at how much you were able to figure out in just a few hours. I also thought, based on your comment on Kelby’s site, that you wouldn’t have the book until December. Well I’m glad you got your hands on it and can’t wait to see what else you can do with it!!!!!!!

  2. Shrew, can you pick up my jaw from the floor and hand it back to me please?

    Love the moon shot, but that Paris before and after is simply astounding! I am running off to get the book now, and if I trip over my feet, I can always set the ankle back via Photoshop. Ha!

    (Actually, if I do trip over my feet, my first thought would probably be, “For heaven’s sake, don’t drop the camera!”)

    Did you sign up for an NAPP membership too? I am seriously considering it. Especially since it comes with, from what I’ve heard, a nice Apple store discount that in itself pays for the membership fee.

    I wants me dat book! Okay, resuming running now.

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  4. Hey guys, go over to Scott Kelby’s blog. He gives a shout out to our very own Shrew! Woohoo!

    Shrew, I did it! I joined NAPP. Sooo excited. I have to say that yesterday, my son borrowed one of Scott Kelby’s books for me from the library. Even though it was for Photoshop Elements, I found myself fascinated by what I was reading and eager to try out all sorts of new stuff.

    I didn’t think my excitement level could have been raised much more after yesterday’s initial high, but after seeing your before and after photos, within minutes I was online, signing up for the NAPP and putting in an order for a book on CS3 when what I have is CS2. And I’m still in my pajamas. And grateful for my pc’s lack of a webcam.

    Talk about taking great photos and making them the kind that can stop traffic. Now I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the moon last night and instead playing with my kitchen faucet. (Long story, guys. Actually, not so much long as boring and uninteresting.)

  5. Love the moon! Looks like a great kick-off to the “what scares you” challenge! Imagine the creepy things that could happen when you have a moom like that! So did everyone see how giant the moon was coming up last night? It looked like a platter in the eastern sky around here at about 5:45.

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  7. I just got the book on Friday and haven’t started checking it out. I can do stuff in photoshop but could never get the whole picture together. Your progress is encouraging and I hope to dive in to save some of my old shots that I couldn’t save before.

  8. Hey Brandon, thanks for your kind words. I am sure if you have experience with Photoshop then you will be able to do much more. Infact, I would love it if you would share your before & afters with us. If you are game you can send them to me, shrew@mac.com. If not I totally understand, just thought it would be fun to see what someone who knows what they are doing can achieve with the 7 Point System.

  9. I just bought the book. Fantastic, but it didn’t come with a CD of photos. I’ve looked on Peachpit, Scott Kelby’s website and NAPP but no luck. Do you know where to get those?

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  11. Wow – the Paris shot is amazing; well done!! I am struggling a bit with the System, I don’t think the book is as intuitive as it could be, but I guess that’s just me. šŸ™‚

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