Guest Shutter – What it is all about!

Last week, Karmardav uploaded some images to our webgallery and asked for comments. One picture of a butterfly garnered much attention, with folks commenting on the beauty of the subject and how just a little enhancement could take the image from Snap shot to Super Shot. Well, Karmardav too all the comments with grace and elegance and asked if any of us felt we were up to the challenge of taking the butterfly to the next level. In steps IvoryHut with CS2 Photoshop on her photo utility belt, offering help. They talked about how to get the file from one to the other and back…and folks…THEY DID IT! Here are the results!

The shot as Karmardav took it…

And IvoryHut’s Photoshopped version

I don’t know what I find more beautiful…the image or Shutters being Shutters…simply moving!

ETA: More Photoshop



But, but…look
Fun with your photos


11 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – What it is all about!

  1. Nice job girls.

    Karma once you’re done, you’ll have to snap a shot of the final product with all of the photos in the frame and share it with us!

  2. Awesome, AWESOME job, Hut! It’s significantly sharper and the colors are much more vibrant. The pool is less distracting now too. Karen, this is definitely going to make it into the collage frame, right? Or perhaps it deserves its own spot as an enlargement now.

  3. OMG I can’t believe how good it looks with the blue taken out. Is that what cloning is? I love the vibrant colors of the butterfly against the black and white and grey. I think I like the little touch of pink in the flowers.


  4. I love ivory’s work. It will definitely make it into my frame. I sent an email to ivory explaining I loved all the shots, but ultimately I am a color-loving girl vs. b/w (which I’m sure won’t win me any kudos here, but its just the way I feel) 🙂

  5. Karma that’s the beauty of art. Everyone has different tastes. You’re the one hanging it up, so you have to go with what you love! I think they’re all beautiful.

  6. Karmardav, I’ll send you another file that’s optimized for printing so that it comes out right. You want the full color one, right? One full color cropped photo, coming up.

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. But really, it was fun playing around with it. And the basics never change: when you start with a great photo, the work’s more than half done.

    Shrew, you read my mind again. My next version was going to have everything gone except the butterfly and the flowers. A bit tricky to work around the foliage, but I’m getting the hang of it. Once again, stay tuned!

  7. jen – ivory did all those pic’s – the lovely shrew posted them for us, but I wanted to give credit where its due.

    BTW, I made my decisions and placed my print order today for my pictures for my collage. I took all your suggestions into consideration and whittled down to my 8 shots. The winners were,if you’re curious: horizontals: double columbine, daffodil, bleeding heart, and butterfly bush; verticals: monarch (beautifully cropped by ivory), peony, bearded iris 2, and rosebud, which I actually managed to crop myself into a vertical. That was another great suggestion I got from you all – I think it really put the focus on that bud.

    Thanks again! 😀

  8. Ack! I coulda sworn I posted a comment earlier about working on a butterfly shot (don’t worry, it’ll look exactly like the full color one) that’s optimized for printing. Shrew, did I post it or did I imagine that? Or maybe I posted it elsewhere? I have a vague memory of saying something about cloning, too.

    I think I may have baked some of my brains along with the eggplant this evening.

    In any case, Karma if the printed photo doesn’t come out right, let me know and I’ll send you an optimized file.

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