Guest Shutter – Renae rolls in the leaves

Okay…busy busy day here….

Renae sent the following…

So on one of those insanely beautiful summer like days
we had last week, I was completely inspired to get
outside and take some photos of the color that was
bursting all over the yard. I just HAD to get out.
It was so compelling, I ignored the kids’ cries for
lunch, dragged them out to the back yard, and let them
throw acorns at each other while I shot 111 photos! I
had no idea I took that many. And unfortunately I was
quite disappointed with many of the shots. They came
out NOTHING like I was seeing with my own two eyes.
But it didn’t matter, it was a gorgeous day and I had
fun. And now all the leaves are on the ground and I
am SO happy I took the photos when I did. I love autumn.


Well…I think you will love some of Renae’s shots…check out her gallery.

Check back this afternoon for some great stuff from our IvoryHut!


7 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Renae rolls in the leaves

  1. Renae I think you sell yourself short. The photos are beautiful. I love that you looked for unusual angles on things. That’s what makes photos interesting (IMHO). My favorite is the one where the sun is shining through the top of a leaf.

    But most importantly… you got out there to take pictures and you had FUN!

  2. These were my favorites. It’s the other 90 shots that were disappointing!

    No tinkering. No time to tinker. If I were to get any of these printed, then there would definitely be some tinkering involved.

  3. Renae, these are beautiful! I love the colors and the light. I do love the one with the sun as well, but I also think all of these should belong together in a collection, like an “Autumn Afternoon” montage. I’m having a very hard time picking a clear favorite. Really well done!

    Oh, and I am so on the same page regarding the amount of disappointing shots deleted from my camera. I’m surrounded by these bursts of northeast fall color, and am struggling with how to capture the same feeling in a photograph. Your photos have inspired me. Instead of trying to capture everything, sometimes just one or a few perfectly-colored leaves does so much more than an entire forest. I’m going to try that tomorrow!

    Uh … Shrew? Is it going to rain tomorrow?

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