Don’t Forget…get those scary pictures in!

DEAD~line is Thursday…or else!!!




8 thoughts on “Don’t Forget…get those scary pictures in!

  1. Hey, I already submitted my scary picture. Hopefully it’s not still lost with my blue picture.

    Shrewbie, would you like to tell us more about this shot? Was it made with your new camera?

  2. I was busy transferring all of my data to my new ‘puter!!!!!

    Went to the Apple Store ’cause they were going to do it for me. Then they said “You can pick it up on Saturday.” No one had mentioned that to me prior to my trip to the store. I couldn’t leave both computers there ’cause I have to work (and check my blogs). So he convinced me I could do it myself. And I did!!!

    I turned in my photos already. If you want to just pick one of mine rather than the series, that’s fine.

  3. Jenfera…I was afraid to admit that yes I took this pitiful image. I used my prime 50mm and one hyper beagle to obtain that blur effect. I will be bringing my IS lens tonight on out walk!

    I know some of you have turned in photos for the challenge, but not everyone has (at least I think not everyone has) so I wanted to cast out the net one last time…

    In addition…those of you who have submitted photos…do more!!! As David Hume has said “never be satisfied!”

  4. My “scares me” but not scary shot is in – everyone but Shrew will just have to wonder what that means til we see the challenge results. Buwahahahaha! (Did I spell that right Jenfera?)
    I wanted to do a workplace shot too, but I’m having trouble thinking about showing my work at school, plus there could be issues, possibly, if a kid got into the shot.

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