Fine…Moving On


Best thing about 300mm…not having to move from the porch.


10 thoughts on “Fine…Moving On

  1. I’ve been thinking about it, shrew. I think maybe I would like this one better if I could see the edge of the shore, or maybe even the horizon in the background. The colors are so subdued, I guess I think it could use a little something to punch it up more.

    I can’t believe my sister is on a t-shirt!! Ha!

  2. Point taken Jenfera…I see what you are saying…and here is a lesson learned…if I had actually moved from the porch and gotten closer I may have captured a more stimulating image. I was lazy and indeed it shows.

    brc, yes this is from the old camera. Mr. 40D and I (he needs a name) are still getting to know each other as well as all my new software…so please be kind while I play offline wiff him.

  3. Okay. I’ll be nice. But you can’t blame a girl for being excited to see what your new camera can do. Especially ’cause I want a new camera too.

    BTW… my new computer is sitting in a box right next to me. It just arrived (via Shanghai, the Phillipines and Anchorage, AK — I followed it on Fedex’s website). I’ve got an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow for them to transfer all of my data. I figure if I don’t open it I won’t be tempted to screw anything up.

  4. Wow, brc! You are so disciplined! I’d be ripping into it right away.

    By the way, I think I am definitely going to get that book on Elements. As you can see from my blog entry last night, I was definitely able to get right in there and start playing around, but I was definitely confused at points! I want to be able to really get everything out of it.

  5. I like the zoom on this. (I have that commercial…”zoom, zoom, zoom” in my head now) The color could use a little punch. Sometimes the ocean doesn’t cooperate and can look blah in certain light.

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