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My flower pictures are in. I cut my 60 or so shots down to about 20 for everyone’s consideration. These pictures are from a season of growing in my yard. There are blooms pictured here starting from early May and running through August. I’m trying to narrow down to my favorite 8 for a collage frame I bought. If it makes any difference for your consideration, the frame includes space for 4 horizontal shots and 4 verticals. A couple pictures in the gallery are not really anything I’m considering for my collage, but I thought you might like to see them. The one titled “puddle” was just me having a little fun after a rain shower. I was struck by a lot of pretty sights in my yard one August afternoon after it suddenly poured buckets then stopped. I took lots of shots of wet stuff in my yard (some included in this gallery) and then saw my reflection framed in a puddle, so I tried to capture it. The one titled “survivors” was something I just took the other day when I noticed a couple of little snapdragons still holding on in one of my containers after my other annuals had already died away. And a question for everyone, beyond which of these pictures are your favorites, in the one titled “columbine” are my fingers a distraction? I love this delicate flower but I could not get a nice shot of this bloom without holding it up.
Anyway, all comments and criticisms welcome! Please help me pick the ones that will go in my frame!
And thanks, shrew, for letting me use your site to get this help!

Okay folks, help our gal Karmardav choose from all the great photos.

And keep watching the Duck, Duck, Goose thread for continued discussion on The First Annual Spring Shutter Bug Gourmet Dive Bar Tour! Alright, we may have to work on the name…but you know what I mean.


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  1. k — These are great! I LOVE bloom pictures. My Dad was a nurseryman and an avid amateur photographer, so he took great bloom pix. Yours are wonderful. I think the light on the “doublecolumbine” is my favorite.

    I’m working at our Botanical Gardens’ Plant Sale all weekend and am taking some pictures of the wonderful varieties of blooms. Very timely post for me.


  2. Can I just start by asking if you will give me gardening lessons? I am never able to get so many beautiful flowers blooming in my garden.

    In terms of photographs, here are my thoughts… The rosebud is my favorite, but I might crop it just a little to focus in more closely on the rosebud.

    After that one I like Double Columbine. You chose an interesting angle and the lighting coming from the side adds visual interest. Also like Peony 3, Daffodil 3 and Bleeding Heart.

    I do think your hand is too distracting in the Columbine photo, although once in a frame with other pictures it might not be that noticeable since it is pink and your hand is pinkish.

    I think the butterfly is beautiful, but the background is too distracting. One other suggestion. I just learned how to use the macro setting on my camera. The nice thing about taking closeups with a macro lens or a macro setting is that the background becomes blurred so the focus is completely on the subject. On Lilac and Bearded Iris2, for instance, I think I would like those even better if the background were just a little less in focus.

    That’s my humble two cents. Hope it helps.

  3. My favorites…Peony (number 1, I guess… it has no number), lilac (not the close up one), butterfly bush, bearded iris1, clematis, double columbine, and I like monarch even though the background is a little distracting as brc said.

    I noticed that all of these images look a little pixel-y. Karen, is this because you uploaded them directly to Snapfish and then had to download them back from there?

  4. I forgot to mention that I love the puddle photo. Very creative. What’s really cool is that both the plants on the ground and the plants in the reflection frame your reflection.

  5. I loooooooove the puddle picture.

    I think my favorite of the flower pictures would be the double columbine one. I agree with the others – the lighting is just fabulous on that one.

    I also like the peony photo, bleeding heart, daffodil 2, butterfly bush, and bearded iris 2 (I’m trying to help by picking some vertical shots – see how obedient I am?). Cropped properly, I think the rose would look good, too. You can maybe crop it into a vertical shot if you need more shots oriented that way.

    I really like the monarch shot, but the background is indeed distracting. You could perhaps crop that into a vertical shot too to cut out some of the pool in the background. Or, if you’re inclined to, maybe crop it and then do like one of PW’s shots and keep the butterfly in color and make the rest black and white.

    I need gardening lessons from you too. I would have loved to see your entire garden in full bloom. Must have been gorgeous!

  6. My two cents…

    1. Double Colmbine
    2. Bleeding Heart
    3. Daff 3 (the light is really nice)
    4. Peony 2 (bribe Renea to brighten it up in Photoshop Elements)

    Portrait – most of these I think could be dramatic with re-cropping
    1. Peony…the pink is dazzling
    2. Hydrangea …Cropped in tight
    3. Blackeyed Susans (don’t try to get all three in…and another case of Photoshop elements could provide punch)
    4. Clematis

    But to me the best shot out of all of them is your puddle self-portrait…this is terrific! Interesting, draws the viewer in yet you know clearly what the subject is.

  7. Thanks for all the help, guys. I agree the background on “butterfly” is distracting, which is a bit of a bummer to me, since butterflies usually don’t give you the chance to set up the shot the way you’d like it. “Excuse me Mr. Monarch, could you move to the side just a bit?” 😉

    Jen- if the pictures look pixely to you, it must be from the upload/download thing. I didn’t save all of them on my camera (unfortunately for me) and I have had a couple of computer heart-failures recently, so Snapfish is the only place they all still exist. Despite the fact that I uploaded them full sized (7 megapixels), I don’t know how to get them all back full sized to do the editing. Anyone have any ideas on this? I have Microsoft “Picture It” for photo editing software, which if I understood it all could probably do great things.

    As far as the gardening lessons go – the pictures make my yard look far more impressive than it is at any one time. Remember the shots were taken over the course of 4 months. Different things bloom in different parts of my yard throughout the spring and summer. I’ve spent the last 15 years trying different flowers in different places; some things work, some do not. Its really luck of the draw!

    I loved the puddle shot too. You should have seen me standing in my driveway trying to get just the right angle to take the picture – let’s just say my stance was not very lady-like! I don’t know what I’ll ever do with the puddle shot, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Karma can’t you edit and order the photos right in Snapfish? Since you uploaded them full size, the prints should be just fine.

  9. brc- yes, any prints I order from Snapfish will be fine; I could order up to a poster size print and it would look fine but if I remember correctly, the editing tools are somewhat limited. Some good news though – I found that I did not delete the butterfly shot from my camera afterall! Maybe I can email it to Renae to play with in Elements, full-sized? What do you say, Nae? I also found on Snapfish that you can order high resolution downloads from them at 5 cents a shot. Do you all think that could possibly solve my upload/download size problem? If I get those high resolution shots downloaded, anyone want to take a shot at editing them for me with their fancy-dancy software? Turns out my photo-editing softward looks pretty limited.

  10. I think for 5 cents it would be worth it. You might want to have the person who is going to edit it for you do the download, otherwise you have to e-mail the full-size photo which might be difficult due to the size. I don’t have any editing software yet or I would try to help.

  11. I have Photoshop CS2. I’m not at the point where I do it justice yet, but I’m learning. Umm … I volunteer to help too. Or at least attempt to help. Only if you want to. No pressure.

  12. So ivory, how about I try emailing you the butterfly picture straight from my camera and you can try playing with it? It might be a long download sent full sized!

  13. I started to type out my picks, but they are almost exactly like Shrew’s, so just reference her list above! OK? K. ;oP
    Shoot yeah, Karen, send me anything you want. I could actually try cropping any of those horizontal ones into vertical if that works out better in your collage frame. I think the rosebud and the butterfly cropped vertically and zoomed in more could really work well. And also the black eyed susan as Shrew mentioned.
    Let me know what you want to do!

  14. brc- the pictures in the web gallery are not full sized. I downloaded my shots from Snapfish, but they did not download back to my computer full sized. My camera’s full sized shots are giant at 7 megapixels.

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