Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s Sweet Sweet Grapes




9 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s Sweet Sweet Grapes

  1. With the flash the grapes look almost translucent like marbles. The patterns are interesting of the grapes and the colander. Would be interesting to see the same shot without a flash to see how it might compare.

  2. Brc, you read my mind. Sometimes a flash tends to wash out natural color. I was going to say it would be interesting to see this without firing the flash. Maybe up close a little bit more, and perhaps from a lower angle?

    The grapes sure look yummy like this, though. Making my mouth water. Nice pic, karmardav! I wish some of my fruit at home was half as interesting. Usually I forget about them until they’re all mushy and overripe. Bad, bad ivoryhut.

  3. Karen, are these grapes from your own vine? I haven’t had a nice concord grape in a long time. I hate the little seeds but they taste great!

    By the way, is this one from the “blue” challenge?

    I agree with brc & ivory – I would like to see this without flash too.

  4. Yes, these were from the “blue” theme. Yes, I grew them myself. Unfortunately, they were harvested and eaten about a month ago, so I can’t oblige y’all with a non-flash shot. I was picking them in the evening and just thought to grab their picture right away, so without a flash this would have been an extremely low light shot!
    jen- by the way, they are seedless concords! A few seeds show up now and then, but mostly we didn’t have any.

  5. Wow. Home-grown grapes? Now my mouth is really watering! This summer, the stuff I grew in my garden was mostly hot peppers. Umm … not drool material, not for snacking, and definitely not sweet. They’ll burn the roof off your mouth, though.

  6. Karen, your new camera is so nice, you should give the flash-free shots more of a try. I barely ever use flash any more when I am taking pictures in my kitchen for my blog, even at night. I just turn on the overhead, and the light over the sink, and try to keep a very steady hand. It works way more often than you would think it would. This habit of mine is thanks to P’Dub.

  7. Part of my lack of photo-taking skill does come from my lack of a steady hand. My camera luckily has a “stabilization” feature that often makes up for this. That’s why I rarely experiment with no flash shots inside. Love ’em outside.

    ivory – I grow hot peppers too! Jalepenos, habaneros and thai dragons. Have you ever had thai dragons? Wow, a lot of heat and flavor packed into a small red chili – I put just one into a recent small batch of salsa I made from the last of the goodies coming from my garden and aye chihuahua! It was HOT!

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