LSU and 6FPS

This post is for our Music Maven!

Saturday Night was the big LSU vs. Florida Game and I captured a few plays using the burst mode on the old 40D…6 frames per second!!!! It was a great game.

But the best way for this to be appreciated is in movie format.

I was startled by the speed of the shutter of this baby. Not only that, but when the camera went into sleep mode, there wasn’t the usual lag time to wake it up…just pick up and shoot.

And speaking of “WOW”…Les Miles…les.jpgthere is a man of steel nerves! I have never seen a football coach go for it as much as he did Saturday night. I think I just might have to follow LSU this year.


12 thoughts on “LSU and 6FPS

  1. That is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    Man, that camera has the powah. LOVE the dark pictures and the new site format is underbar!!!


  2. Oh, and there’s a new rally cry in Baton Rouge….”Fear the hat!” regarding Les Miles. (Les seems to like those high profile hats.)

    5 for 5 on 4 down conversions — unheard of.

  3. 4 down conversions is right…I was blown away. Courageous…doesn’t even begin to come close to the fierce warrior like intent that Miles has.

    Hey some joker made a rude comment on youtube about my video saying if the video is that bad don’t even bother posting…bwaaahaaaahaaa. Sheesh…no respect for the EOD 40D.

  4. No respect indeed! Sounds like you’re discovering new great things about your camera everyday. I just got back from the Apple Store. You motivated me to go check out the new iPhoto. I attended an iPhoto workshop. Now I just need to decide whether to upgrade my laptop (in which case I believe it oomes loaded with the new iPhoto) or pay for the new software knowing that it is just a matter of time before I have to get a new computer. My iBook is 3 years old this month.

  5. Ohhh don’t tell me that. I had just come to terms with the cost of a regular macbook with some added hard drive space. I don’t know if I can even look at what the macbook pro costs. Even with an education discount I think it might be cost prohibitive. Especially because I want to do the .mac and the new one-to-one service they offer and the Apple Care.

    Plus I need to save some money for a new camera.

  6. Oh wow Brc…I just looked into buying one. Even with an edu discount it is a steep 2500…and that isn’t maxed out on memory or speed. Do I really need it? That’s what I keep asking myself.

  7. Ok I just did some research and the MacBook does NOT come with iLife ’08 preinstalled. So I will buy iLife ’08 along with more memory for my current laptop. That will give me a little time to save for a MacBook.

    I wanted to get your opinion about your .mac account. Do you like the e-mail? Do you use any of the other features? Before you had your blog did you ever use their webgallery to share photos or movies with friends/family?

  8. I love my dotmac account for various reasons:
    1. My email will forever be the same…no changes if I move or anything.

    2. I used iweb to blog about my trip in Paris everyday I was there…photos experiences…it was like talking to everyone every night…and no boring photo slide shows at Thanksgiving.

    3. You can have up to 5 email addresses

    4. I LOVE my idisk space…I shuttle really large files from work to home back to work again. Also, it allows me to shuttle really large files to a friend who also has dotmac. In fact, he made a movie in keynote with very high resolution photos, that he wanted me to review this past weekend…I pulled it down from his public folder and reviewed it.

    5. I haven’t used web gallery YET…but I was considering looking into it for our shutter challenges and creating a folder for all the regulars to upload guest shutters…I just haven’t gotten there yet.

    I would get a dotmac…but I have also drunk the KoolAid.

    OOOH…and if you check out the latest post on the Digital photography show’s blog (in my blog list) there is info on what laptop to buy and when…looks like apple will have the new operating system, Leopard released by the end of the month and then an up date to MacBooks in the first half of Nov…so I would say you would be better served by waiting and saving up for a Pro (and always remember to type refurbished into the apple store search. My first laptop from Apple was refurbished and I still use it in addition to my MacBook.)

  9. Thank you. Thank you. You sold me. I think I’ll do the 60 day free trial and check it out then I’ll go for it. I think the iDisk could come in handy for my work (and therefore justify me writing off the software as a business expense).

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