Guest Shutter – KD’s Fire

This image is perfect for October…whether it reminds one of the smell of cracklin’ kindlin’, the sweet taste of roasted marshmellows or the simple conjuring of Beelzebub around the family campfire.


This is great work, KD. What are you shooting with?


8 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – KD’s Fire

  1. Ooooooooo….my scary flame shot!
    We were sitting in my neighbors backyard drinking wine around the fire pit, and I decided to play with my new Nikon D40—I hadn’t tried any night shots yet. So I took a bunch of photos of the dancing flames, and didn’t see the creepiness of this shot until I uploaded it to my computer. Methinks I won’t be shooting flames again for quite some time! lol
    Now, just like Shrew, I would marry my new camera if I could! I love loVE LOVE it!!! It’s perfect for an amateur like me. As easy as a point and shoot, with autofocus, but more features to learn with and a switch to manual focus should I want to play. I take it with me everywhere!

  2. KD… I’ve been looking at the Nikon D40 for a couple of weeks now. Have you taken any really low light shots yet (flames don’t count)? Have you used the manual controls yet… shutter, aperture, etc? My current camera takes terrible low light shots and the manual controls are very difficult to use. I’d love to know your experience with this.

  3. LOL Guess I should’ve bought Canon?!? 😉
    I’ve used some of the manual controls, but since I have no CLUE what I’m doing with them yet, I wouldn’t dare give advice. I get frustrated with low light shots because the camera never sees what I do. (I assume it’s my ignorance, not the camera’s fault.) In fact, once I finish my on-line publishing course, I’ll be looking into some photography courses so I can learn. I took a few neat sunset shots, and a couple of photos of the moon that I think are kinda cool….maybe I’ll send them off to Shrew and she can forward them onto you brc…(If you don’t mind Shrew?) so you can judge for yourself.

  4. Ooooooh, all these new cameras are making me salivate!

    KD, the Nikon D40 will always have a soft spot in my heart. I’m still fairly certain that I am destined to have that camera. (btw, I was utterly stunned when I didn’t win Pioneer Woman’s old Nikon. The horror!)

    Hut’s Canon S5 is looking pretty good too. I’ve gotten attached to the flip out screen on my old Canon A610 and I know the S5 has it. Plus mega zoom power, baby! Now we’re talking.

    Hubby and I are also looking at the new Panasonic with mega zoom. But we may have become Canon converts. (Happy Shrew?!)

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