Somewhere in NJ: 6:30-ish…AM!

Can you hear me now? ~6:38

Okay…how about now? ~6:50

NOW!?!?!?!?!?! 7:00 AM

Good…I said I lerv this camera, even THIS early.


5 thoughts on “Somewhere in NJ: 6:30-ish…AM!

  1. Cool new template. What I love about it is that we can see the photos in their entirety without clicking on them. I often was too lazy to do it so I was never seeing the whole shot. The pictures are also much larger.

    This series of photos is very interesting. I like each of the shots in a different way. The darkest one is my favorite. There’s something eerie about the stark light in the phone booth in contrast with the darkness. Wait a minute… that’s a PHONE BOOTH. I haven’t seen one of those in years.

    I also love the clarity of all three shots even though they are all low light shots. I’m thinking that you are still loving your new camera!

  2. That is what I thought brc…I was always frustrated by the limitations of the previous format. We have lost the duckies but check out the new about page!!!

    I agree about liking the darkest image the best…and yowza…the old phone booths like this one,always have a desperate quality to them when seen in the night. This one is outside the Verizon building in my town. Why do you think Verizon needs a phone booth any way?

  3. I like it Shrew! 🙂
    The dark photo is by far my favorite of the three. I haven’t had much luck shooting in the dark yet…I really need to take the time to figure it out. I haven’t had enough time to play. I got some really neat campfire shots one night…and a moon shot that isn’t so bad. But really would like to play more.

  4. Cool new look, shrewbie!!

    I will agree on liking the dark one the best. I can’t understand why my camera can take video just fine in the dark, but not a photo. It’s nice to know that they don’t all have that limitation.

  5. Wow, funky new page Shrew! Looks cool! So do your shots. I’ve been away a few days – seems I always miss so much in just a few days.

    brc – so sorry about your Cubbies! 😦

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