13 thoughts on “The first 40D image

  1. Yankee fan????????? Red Sox dance???????????
    These Cubs fans are excited about your camera too.

    Yo Jenfera… looks like we may be on track for our Cubs/Red Sox World Series get-together. (Sorry Beau)

  2. I think Beau looks like a Mets fan for sure. Which is not to say he looks like a choking victim. Just that if he has to be a fan of New York baseball, why not the National League? Dang, New Jersey needs their own team!

  3. I thought Beau-licious was a Tigers fan? LSU Tigers, that is 😉

    Choking victim…lol, Jen…good one. HEH.

    Although I guess being a Mets fan is about like being a Saints fan.

  4. Oh dear, shrew just when I was getting to like you so much! You have an adorable puppy who’s a fan of the Evil Empire? How could you let that happen to such an innocent face? 😉

  5. Jen you are too funny. Shrew… sorry we derailed your excitement about your new camera into a baseball forum.

    Let’s see some more 40D pictures girl!

  6. I love this shot! He is so cute! I know you mentioned that you could marry your camera. I feel the same way… However, that shot of the puppy is so hot, I think I will take him and that beautiful red couch or throw…

    I can’t wait until I get my bonus from my job… I need another body to accompany my Rebel Xt and some new Canon L series lenses…

    I have the Nifty fifth 50mm f/1.4 & Sigma 17-70mm which is hot! I am still learning how to take pictures in low light situation, how to meter, and all other functions. I have a upcoming talent/fashion show and I need some advise on lens.

    Thanks for posting and sharing your images!

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