More Test Shots from the 40D

With Flash…

without flash…

Have I said how much I love this camera?


12 thoughts on “More Test Shots from the 40D

  1. Well KD…it is a Distance learning course…so as soon as I get my welcome pack I can begin.

    Awe jenfera…I intended to keep my Rebel as a back up body.

  2. Oh, well. Had to ask! If you change your mind, let me know and we can talk about a fair price. I still have my old 35mm Rebel and lenses, so one of these days…

  3. Both great shots. I like the one without flash ’cause you can see more detail in the flowers. The flash washes-out some of the colors.

  4. Hey!, there’s that beautiful antique teapot pattern again that I like so much! ;o)
    I vote for without flash. I’m with P’Dub…flash is eval!

  5. I am so about natral light but I was really impressed with the flash that was built in on the 40D. I have a speed light but alas no batteries…so I haven’t been able to use the indirect or backfill flash on this puppy yet…I said YET.

    Oh and I did get my welcome packet from the NYIP…let the learning begin!

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