Postcards from Long Beach Island NJ

What a week…picture perfect weather (pun intended)

This is how I looked most of the week…
Actually, I was trying to use the mirror to focus on the view…seriously, this was from the back room down the hall and we could STILL see the Atlantic!

I would take the walkway from the house up to the beach…

And a world of fun exploded before my viewfinder…

and finally…one I have entered into the National Geographic Photo Contest


16 thoughts on “Postcards from Long Beach Island NJ

  1. Wow, what a perfect week you chose for vacation! Such beautiful pictures. Love the little drop of water on the seagull’s beak. That surfer dude’s not so bad either!

    p.s. – I like the haircut too! Very similar to mine also – can I join the great minds club, KD?

  2. Awe shucks guys…(get it “shucking clams”, okay that was a long reach)

    Anyway, the week was amazing! I am still trying to define my “voice” and my struggle is evident in the photos. I am reading On being a Photographer a critical essay that every budding photographer should read. I am actively trying to apply some of Hurn’s teachings and realy going through growing pains; to the point of inspriational wanings. Yet, I am seeing more interesting shots in a series rather than taking a 100 shots and 2 are randomly good. I am really struggling with shutter speed and preparedness. Hurn says you need to serialize your events, however in a digital age and 2 frames per sec as the Canon Rebel shoots I miss some critical images. That Canon 40D with 6 FPS is looking mighty tempting with a $1300 price point. I will have some posts based on the Hurn book coming soon, including some great challenges inspired by it.

    I didn’t notice until this morning…Surfer dude shot…look at the woman in the background…she’s all dreamy over him. Bwaaahaaa

  3. Sruggle? Kinda hard to believe you are struggling with awesome shots like these, Shrew!

    Good luck with the contest, that is a fantastic shot.

  4. I’m with Renae – it is hard to imagine you struggling when it comes to photography. I’ve always thought you have a great eye. I’m still in that 2 shots out of 100 phase, so I will definitely check out the essay you mentioned. (Then maybe after that, I’ll trade in my new S5 and spring for that DSLR. And give my husband a heart attack in the process, since the S5 was an anniversary gift from him.)

    I, too, struggle with my photography. So many times, I look around and I can feel all the great photos just waiting to be captured, and often, I feel so inadequate and unable to get on camera what my eyes are already seeing in a frame somewhere. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve snapped away anyway with the photographer’s equivalent of crossing my fingers and hoping something turns up right.

    Which is not unlike how I live my life. 🙂

  5. Ivoryhut, I so feel what you are feeling. If you get a chance go to and check out some of the stuff there. True dazzlement.

    I am dying for the new Canon 40D!!!

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