Shutter Challenge – All at once

Wowza! Great stuff guys. Really!

I thought it would be fun to try posting all entries at once. If you sent me something and it isn’t here let me know…it has been a crazy month and I may have flaked.

Getting things started is Ivoryhut with this glorious B&W. The heat really shines through the stark contrast of the white sand and shiny black coat.

Next is Jenfera’s cool seal. A photo that is doubly rich for the colors captured.

KD…SPLASH…hand me a towel. Great action shot that communicates so much of summer lake fun.

BRC Is that summer OR is that Summer…beautiful seriity in composition

Renae this is just too sweet and wonderful use of focusing in on the details

Karmardav took the communication literal with terrific results

And finally…not to be corny…but summer means on the cob!

What a great job guys! Let me know if you prefer a mass posting such as this or one per day like last months challenge.

Check back tomorrow for the next Shutter Challenge!


5 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – All at once

  1. Its kinda cool seeing them all at once; made it easy to compare everyone’s ideas. I love the splash of KD’s lake, the sand on Renae’s dude’s toes, the cool feel of jenfera’s seal, the feeling of solitude in ivory’s shot and I could totally “picture” myself on brc’s boats! And Shrew, your shot is a sweet taste to savor.

  2. I think I like them all together too. What fun!

    KD, the sharpness of the water with the movement is fantastic! Did you get that new camera after all? Excellent!

    Renae, what a great choice! I love that picture. I could just gobble up those little toes. Well, if they weren’t covered in sand.

    Ivory, nice to see you in the mix! Great choice to use B&W.

    brc – so serene! Karma – Daphne is alwaya a great subject! And, shrew, the warm golden color of that corn looks delish!

  3. Great job everyone. I kind of like seeing them all at once too.

    I just want to know what happened to Music Maven? Is she letting that foot get in the way of participating in our challenge?

  4. I love seeing them all at once!! These are all fantastic! It’s so interesting to see how everyone interpreted the challenge…I never would have thought of that corn shot, but how perfect a representation of summer! And those toes! I’ve been playing with shots of my boy’s toes and hands with mixed results. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that feet are my favorite baby part. 😉
    Yes, I did get that new camera Jen! And boy have I been having a ball with it! It takes great action shots…All I have to do is point and shoot continuously, and keep the best ones. It’s been so much fun with my kiddies running around all the time!
    Loved all these shots everyone! Can’t wait for the next challenge!

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