Peeping Tom-enya

My beagle, Beau took me on a date last night. He suggested I bring my camera. What I found was under the cover of the dark night I felt like a peeping tom.

Like these people enjoying their stroll past Jersey Mike’s Subs have no idea I saw them. Hey you in the white shirt…Hello…see not a clue.

And I can almost hear this conversation “You know what I told him…”

So this is my glider and really nothing peeping tomish about this shot…however when I popped it I caught sight of…

The gentleman who lives next store. This is the only way I see him…at his sink at this time every night. He has been here since I moved in some 16 years ago. As for my date with Beau…best one I have had in years.

Okay folks, I blew my own deadline and haven’t been able to get a shot for this month’s challenge yet. I am hoping I will be able to tomorrow. So If you haven’t sent one in yet…there is still time…I am extending the deadline through the weekend. And I am widening the scope…to include not just dog days but (since it has been so seasonably cool here) also the best depiction of Labor Day. So for those of you who have played by the rules…take this as a mini-challenge!


4 thoughts on “Peeping Tom-enya

  1. And here I thought the due date was August 31st! I have one sort of common looking beach picture that I might use, but if I have the weekend to work on it, I might come up with something better.

    Shrew, I like your night shots. It can be hard to capture what you really want in those low light conditions. I usually get a shaky mess!

  2. What a thoughtful pooch you have! The only suggestions I generally get from my dog are “please let me out”, “please pet me” and “please give me some of whatever that is you are eating, I’m sure I would like it very much.” Doing the “suburban mom” thing here, I sometimes envy folks who have the freedom to go out and do what they like, like going on a night time date with a beagle!

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