iPhoto retouch greatly improved

First…sorry for yet another mac centric post. In kicking the tires I found iPhoto 08’s retouch to be more satisfactory than previous versions.

Before retouch

and after retouching and removing the local garbage companies name and number

How is this month’s shutter challenge going for everyone? I am struggling. It had been unseasonably cold and rainy here in NJ for the past 7 days. Here’s hoping for some heat and sun.


2 thoughts on “iPhoto retouch greatly improved

  1. Hey! I miss Mac. 😦 We’ve had to go PC because of Zan’s job, and as much as I have adapted well, I still miss the Mac. It’s just…prettier! πŸ˜‰
    This month’s challenge has been just that. The photos I did take aren’t worth keeping, let alone submitting. *sigh* There’s a little time left…we’ll see! I could just resubmit my hunky lifeguard photo? *chuckle* I’m sure most wouldn’t mind. XO

  2. Never having owned anything as fancy as Photoshop, I can’t say how it could possibly compare, but it looks like you’ve got some good stuff going with iLife.
    I heard the weather is supposed to get hot and steamy again this weekend; 95 degrees here in western MA, then be in the 80’s as we head back to school next week. 😦

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