NOLA and how this all started

 The crazyness that we all met because of AI – GC – Chat – MonkBot – Now we are here, there and evreywhere is amazing.  Wacky and wonderful how the human spirit needs to commune isn’t it? 

Since we are on the subject of how this all began, I thought I would post a photo from our MonkBot Trip to NOLA. This nice man is crafting a sign for Music Maven’s son.



5 thoughts on “NOLA and how this all started

  1. I really like the perspective looking over his shoulder. Much like the policeman and the lifeguard, there’s something very interesting about a photo of a person that doesn’t focus on their face.

  2. This is wonderful! I really do feel like I’m peeking over his shoulder. Neat perspective. How close were you when you took this shot?

  3. That’s exactly what we were doing…peaking over his shoulder.

    I love this shot, Shrew. Can it count as mine? heh.

    The “sign” is actually hanging in Mini DD’s room…but he still won’t tell his friends that his Mom got it for him.

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