Shutter Challenge – KD: YOWZA, I WANT YOUR VIEW

..I mean, lovely shot.


This was for workplace portrait…I was lame and didn’t get it out of my email. KD on the other hand was awesome. I love how you have told the story without giving us all the details.


7 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – KD: YOWZA, I WANT YOUR VIEW

  1. Thanks! Funny story behind this shot…I was with my mother and sister when I took this shot…I was trying to be inconspicuous as I photographed the lifeguard. It looked to them as though I was taking photos of my kids playing down by the water. Don’t know how I would’ve explained it if they had noticed! Truth is stranger than fiction….”Well, remember way back when I was a Taylor addict? Well, I met this person in a chat room…well, it was a twilight zone chat room actually. And we hit it off and became friends, and have met each other a couple of times, and now she has this website about photography, and she gave her readers a photography challenge. This month is workplace photos, so that’s why I’m taking pictures of the hunky lifeguard.” Somehow, I don’t think they would have understood. LOL Thanks for posting this photo Shrew. 🙂

  2. KD it’s so funny that you mentioned that story. When I was taking my photo of the floating hot dog stand I was eating dinner outside at a friend’s lake house in Wisconsin. The hot dog stand pulled up and set anchor and I looked at my husband and said “that’s a workplace isn’t it?” My friends all looked at me like I was crazy and I decided that if I actually explained the story almost as you described it above they would certainly think I had lost my mind… so I just took my pictures and continued eating dinner without explanation 🙂

  3. I had an alibi. My friends already think of me as a tech geek, and they know I am a blogger myself. So, when I said that the photography blog that I read wanted workplace submissions, everyone understood perfectly. No Taylor explanations needed! 🙂

    But speaking of Taylor, I think I have some of my other GC peeps all geared up to come up to MA to see Mr Hicks at The Big E fair in September. So, if anyone is up for a field trip…

  4. This photo feels mysterious because we can’t see Baywatch Dude’s face, yet comfortable at the same time. Like we are helping him keep watch and make sure the swimmers are safe.

    I think the gnome was totally onto me stalking him.

  5. Yeah that’s it Renae I am watching the swimmers.

    How funny about everyone’s contrivance to answer the challenge…I love it!

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