Shutter Challenge – Renae: Spokesgnome for Travelocity

I am amazed that Renae spotted the world weary gnome on his book tour “Boy, are my arms tired. The Unauthorized Diary of a roaming shill.”


Seriously…let’s hear from Renae. “I just returned from vacation and had your challenge in mind when I took some photos. We were at Storyland in Glen, NH and this is what I came up with. I call it “Heidi’s Grandfather”. This guy actually gets paid to sit there all day. I even captured a few shots of him napping, but they didn’t come out so great. This particular photo is a little tweaked in Photoshop…it’s been cropped and more color saturation added.

A wonderful end to our first challenge; this photo that embodies the full spirit behind our pursuits. (Frankly, Renae this image has me all fired up for this months challenge, The Dog Day’s Of Summer due August 30th)

I just want to say thank you for all the submissions. The fact that every single image communicated beyond the bleak pallad landscapes of cubes speaks volumes of our little community. If you participated but did not send your images to be posted, I thank you as well. Hopefully, in the future you will feel free enough to submit. If not, please continue to play the home version of our game.


Oh and Renae…BRC and I have photoshop on our wish lists. Wanna share yours with us?


5 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – Renae: Spokesgnome for Travelocity

  1. Ha! The roaming gnome! You’re right, it could be him! He may get paid for sitting there all day but as Shrew (I’m sure) and I can attest, costumed interpreters sure as hell don’t get paid much! Bet this guy makes a damn fine Santa Claus too!
    PS – I’m on vacay in Maine starting Saturday – I’ll miss the fun photos for a week – don’t know if there will be any wi-fi at the little beach cottage we’re renting, but I’ll survive somehow.

  2. OK, I should probably clarify!…I have Photoshop Elements. Which is significantly cheaper than “full blown” Photoshop, but more than gets the job done for a newbie like myself.

    This guy kinda reminded me of the Old Man Neighbor in Home Alone that the kid was afraid of.

    (Shrew, let me know if you’d like the original for comparison, for kicks.)

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