But wait a new challenge?

The posts from your submissions of workplace portriats will continue on Monday (so if you haven’t emailed me yet…it’s not too late)

But we need August’s challenge…so without further ado

This month…take a picture that represents THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER! With people as far north as Chi-town and as far south as Mobile we should have pretty good variety.

Pictures are due by Aug 30th.

Get Clicking!


9 thoughts on “But wait a new challenge?

  1. Thanks for the new challenge. It’s always fun to keep the creative juices flowing and have yet another reason to be toting the camera around 🙂

  2. For the record, I would like to point out that Springfield, MA, at 42° N, is actually further north than Chicago, at 41° North. Also, Renae practically lives in New Hampshire so she’s even further north than that.

  3. It’s okay. It’s more fun to say Chi-town than it is to say anything about the Greater Springfield Area. For awhile, the meteorologists on the Weather Channel had this habit of always calling it the “Chicagoland” area. That really annoyed me. Why couldn’t they just say Chicago? Or, couldn’t they change it up now and then and say Chi-town? Did they all think they were being cute and original calling it Chicagoland?

    Obviously, I have issues, not the least of which being that I watch way too much Weather Channel.

  4. Since we have summer 10 months out of the year, I don’t think I’ll have any problem in providing appropriate material.


  5. As far south as Mobile? As far south as Mobile? Harumph! I think my status as a Floridian has been rendered a victim of textual assault!


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