Lassie in three

At the Bonnie Brae Games in June there was an exposition of pooches on the move…so offered for your critique…Lassie in three




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13 thoughts on “Lassie in three

  1. Love the first one! You captured the perfect moment, great expression on the dog’s face, like a dog food commercial! What a beautiful dog. When I was a kid, my next door neighbor had a collie like that – a girl named Timmy. (That’s what happens when you let your 5-year old name your pets.) We loved that dog. Such a sweet personality.

  2. Jenfera’s back!!!!

    Hey Shrew, these are great shots. Talk about difficult sports shots… this had to be hard. I agree with Jenfera… the first one just captures it all…. the position, the face. It was close with the second one, but I like his position and open mouth in the first one.

  3. Awe…thank god irony is one of those things that improves with age. When I am old I will have my memories and the value of seeing the irony in most of them.

  4. I’ve been a cat person most of my life, but I’ve recently become a dog person too (are you allowed to be both?). Love the action and the excitement captured in these shots.

  5. I actually love the third one. Something about how you captured the movement…the shape of the dog in this position is kinda neat.

  6. Karma- I’m fer sure both a cat and a dog person.

    Shrew- These shots are gorgeous! I would think it’d be rather difficult to do “action” shots and have them turn out so good. That dog is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I also love the first one the most. When I was a kid, my Grandmother raised Collies so we always had a litter of pups around. I loved them. The Collie parents were very protective of us kids but they were great fun to run around the yard with.

  8. Of course I like them all, but the middle one appeals to the equestrian in me. Shrew captured the perfect “take off”.

  9. This may seem like an odd question, but is that a Collie from the Tartanside Kennel? The expression, coat, and fullness of muzzle look like it. Do you know the dog’s or the owner’s name?

    Andrew (a Collie fancier)

  10. Sorry about the late reply.

    I doubt John Buddie, the owner of the Tartanside kennel and line, shows in agility. But it is very possible that an agility handler bought one of his dogs. New Jersey is definitely nestled into Tartanside terroritory. (You’ll find most Tartanside dog owners on the upper east coast.) Did you take any more pictures? I’d love to see them.


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