Guest Shutter – Help Me Ronda

BRC has issues with this…I say not so. Can you guess what issues she has?


13 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Help Me Ronda

  1. I’m tellin’ ya that in 11 x 17 there is a definite photographic “issue” that isn’t evident on a computer screen in such a small size 🙂

  2. Ok, I am no photographer and no next to nothing about light/exposure/depth of field, but the reflection in the window bothers me with business and seems out of place…particularly against the white wall. While I’m sure it’s part of what “makes” the picture, it bothers me. Other than that, the brightness of the white wall, particularly on the right is a bit blinding and scaling back on the brightness and contrast a bit might create a little more “depth”.

    I could recommend a song…don’t know why but “Take A Letter, Maria” comes to mind. 🙂

  3. It’s really just a focus issue. I really liked this photo so I ordered an 11 x 14 enlargement. When the print arrived I realized that the photo is out-of-focus. As I mentioned previously, you can’t really see it on a computer screen, but in the enlargement it is so obvious as to be unframable 😦

  4. What ya need brc is Alien Skins Snap Art click here to see it This would save this photo big time for framing. The link is from my favorite Digital photography boys…over ther on my blog roll.

    But seeing as no one picked up on what you were seeing as an issue, shows that the “fuzzy” focus wasn’t as bad. Check okay Alien Skins and see if that may work for you.

  5. Shrew I’m confused… the link looks very cool but i couldn’t tell if it was software that I would buy or if it’s a way to order a photo turned into a painting. This would look very nice as a watercolor!

  6. I have a teacher in the house which I think works too. I must start researching. I assume they have a mac version. Check your e-mail. I sent you a cool vid about Photoshop.

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