Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s gal’s

Karmardav has echo’d the work of one of our favorite Blogger’s PDub with this spectacular personality plus photo of her “spawn” (editor’s note, “spawn” is in Karmardav’s email)



9 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s gal’s

  1. Aww, cool! Didn’t know Karma submitted too. Love this picture. It was taken on the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park last summer. Fun girls’ vacation! The one on the right not only looks a lot like her Auntie Jenfera, but she’s the one who is also a big Taylor fan.

  2. Shrew – glad you liked this shot of my girls. Jenfera is right – it was a fun vacation. It cracked me up on PDub’s site when she referred to her kids as her spawn, hence my word choice!

  3. Renae – my favorite too! Keep meaning to have a larger sized print made and frame it.
    brc – that shot makes them look darling; deeper we get into summer, less darling they seem at times! 😉

  4. I just love their faces — they make me smile. It’s like they are holding in a big joke and just about to totally fall out laughing…

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