INTRODUCING – Shrew’s Shutter Challenge

This Guest Shutter thing is a blast and I still have more in my email!!! 

OKAY…you all inspired me!  Here is a new feature designed to help us all become better photographers; Monthly Shutter Challenges! 


The idea is simple. 

1. Each month a challenge will be set forth  – the challenge will be based on a central theme or idea

 2. During the month we all go out and capture photos that answer the challenge: no structure limitations, color, B&W manipulated, unmanipulated; only rule you must have taken the photo – the idea is to communicate with the photos and stretch our skills

3. Submit photos to me via email (  At this time I won’t limit submission, but if my mail box crashes, I reserve the right to limit in the future.

4. I will post all submission for us to discuss – the idea is to have discussion and analysis…so we may learn and grow as photographic communicators.

5. If you don’t want to submit, that is okay…I still encourage you to do the challenge to grow your skills.

OKAY ready for the first challenge?

Shrew’s Shutter Challenge 1: Workplace portrait- you must take a a photo of someone at the place where they work.  That is it.

Submission dealine…August 1st. 

Now go forth and click…and for goodness sake HAVE FUN WITH IT!



13 thoughts on “INTRODUCING – Shrew’s Shutter Challenge

  1. Seriously guys…tell me if this is a stupid idea and I will just remove the post and no one will be the wiser.

  2. I think it sounds like fun! I’m not sure how easy it will be to get people to let us take their picture at work, but it’s called a “challenge” right? Maybe I’ll have to use the self-timer feature.

    Hey, here’s a picture I took of someone “at work”…

  3. Oooooohhhh, I LIKEE! GRRRRR-EAT idea (or it could be the 2nd Darvocet…). It’s not difficult to take a picture of someone at work. Doesn’t have to be your work, just someone working at their job. Can’t wait. It’ll be a little bit of a challenge since I’m handicapped and all, but I’m up to it.

    C’mon guys, you gonna let a chick with a bum leg on crutches be more creative than you?

    (can you tell that I’m starting to feel better?)

  4. Umm, I don’t think I was honing any mad foto skillz with that shot. In fact, I had my mother’s camera, which is crappier than mine.

    Hey, I’m going on vacation soon. Maybe I could get some Maine lobstermen at work! Mmmm….lobstah… (oops, always bringing the conversation back to food!)

  5. This sounds like FUN! What a great idea. It will be interesting to see the different interpretations of the same theme. Thanks for doing this!!

    P.S. Can I win a Nikon??? That’s the only way I’m playing. (cracking myself UP!!)

  6. Shrew you are so creative! I wanna play too. But I’m bummed that Jen was so creative and thought of Taylor. MM I’m glad you’re still up to the challenge in spite of your immobility.

  7. Would you settle for a lobster?

    Hey, brc – my Taylor idea is just breaking down the cube walls, ya know? People work in lots of different places. Maybe if you went to a professional sports game you could take a picture of an athlete. Or if you were stuck in traffic you could sneak a pic of a cop or a construction worker. Or, you could get shrew a date with a cop or a construction worker.

  8. Hey, jenfera! You’re stealing my idea! Here I was cooking up the idea to try to grab a shot of my hubbie at work!

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