Guest Shutter – Maria Luisa Park in Seville, Spain

This stunning image is courtsey of our very talented brc! With stunning use of color and architecture patterns, brc captures the romantic flavors of what must have been a very special trip for her. Perhaps, she will regale us with some tales from Spain.dscn4321.jpg

and to set the mood for this discussion…a wittle mood muswic


6 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Maria Luisa Park in Seville, Spain

  1. I happen to have it on good authority that brc had a VERY romantic time in Spain. Where’s the guy sitting on that bench with the USA Today?

    That really is beautiful. I gotta get to Europe some day.

  2. This photo is not only technically stunning, but it really conveys the beauty of Spain. I can smell the garlic and wine and almost hear the strum of a conquistitor’s guitar.

  3. Well if I’m honest, I have to tell you that the romantic story and the photo are separated by 18 years, one marriage, and two children. This photo was taken last summer. My husband is from Seville. Last summer we took the kids to see all their relatives and to spend time with the family. My picture-taking juices really get flowing when we go there as Spain is a photographer’s playground.

    Shrew… please see this link for the story ( and while you’re at it, you were tagged too, so let’s hear it.

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