Paris Arch



6 thoughts on “Paris Arch

  1. Now that’s beautiful!
    You’ve inspired me to start saving for a “real” camera Shrew…I’m dedicating a summer garage sale to the cause…and any change I can scrounge up. It might take awhile, but I want to play too. 😉

  2. brc I know…since pioneer woman or as MM and I call her “P’dub”, I have been look at all of my photos curseing that I don’t have electronic support for them. All good things come to those who wait I guess.

    KD! You really need to join the fray especially with those beautiful kiddles you have!

  3. I love it – it’s like viewing Paris through binoculars! Which would be a very touristy thing to do. Or, a very spy-y thing to do. Either way sets a tone.

  4. Jenfera between your drive by Pauly Walnuts and and you Peep-show Paris I don’t know what to think 😉 besides the fact that I lerv ya gal!

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