Shady Sweetie at the Scottish Games

Beyond hot today…but this little one had the right idea.



5 thoughts on “Shady Sweetie at the Scottish Games

  1. Umbrella — $12
    Pink sunglasses — $7
    Green flowery sundress — $15
    Looking like a cutie patootie in the heat — Priceless

  2. I turned around and there she was politley listening to the men in skirts speaking. I gasped and new this would be a winner.

  3. Niiiiice! What a saweetie.

    Ok, Scottish Games? Sound like alot of fun…men in skirts, pole throwin’ and a wee bit of the “sauce”, no?

    While I am thoroughly Cajun (French/Spanish mutt), I have a think vein of Scots/Irish…My great grandmother was a Higginbotham…red-headed and about 5′ tall.

  4. MM when I say there was no shortage on burlyness yesterday I mean it…and that was just the lasses!

    I have a very soft heart for all the braun and might of a man in plaid. As these games were a fund raiser for a boys home there is no alcohol on the site, but that did not dim the good time. There is a HUGE event later this month on Pennsylvania that I am toying with going to, but I would be gone most of the day and Beau would need looking after.

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