Pre-Parade Posey Smellin’



7 thoughts on “Pre-Parade Posey Smellin’

  1. Aww…that is one cutie patutie!
    I have to say, it makes me crazy that I can’t see farther to the right! This photo would make an awesome story springboard for my students.
    And off subject…did I actually see Manders in here??? Chatty Manders??

  2. KD…if you click on the image the whole picture is displayed. And Yes, Miss Manders is lurking around here!

  3. That’s better!!! Thanks for the tip…I don’t know why I didn’t think of that!
    And a big hello to Manders! 😉

  4. Cahaba Lily!!!! Hey Lady! Sorry Guys I am in the throws of another glamerous pitch so that means the witty reparte is minimum.

  5. Candelabra Lolly! Hiya 🙂

    This picture made me think that someday there may be hope for a sequel to “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” entitled, “And that goes for those purple thingies too!”

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