Guess: Gargle, gurgle, gar-coil



18 thoughts on “Guess: Gargle, gurgle, gar-coil

  1. Jenfera… remember that whoooooooooooshing sound you heard yesterday when Feist was mentioned on Monkbot. The sound is deafening for me now. Who’s Rock? What’s ED?

    Aw man. I know Shrew’s going to kick me off the playground now.

  2. Umm, Chris Rock? The Rock? Rock & Roll music? The only thing I can think of that ED stands for would probably send my comment directly to the spam filter. brc, I hear the whooshing!

  3. Well then maybe you and I should kick Shrew off the playground for giving bad hints. But then again… it is HER playground.

  4. I give up! I think it is somewhere in Westfield, New Jersey, but the only picture I could find that was remotely similar was this one:

    Am I way off base?

  5. Wow Squeebee. You’re good. I can’t believe you found a picture of such a similar gargoyle in such a similar position. Shrew… where is the damn church?

  6. I am sacred at Squeebee’s Libra Dragon Skillz

    It is Stuckyville (AKA Westfield NJ where ED was filmed) First Baptist Church!

    Good Work GUYS!

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